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My Back Yard During Thursday's Storm

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There are some blurry spots because there was snow on the window. Sorry!


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Wow, this is a great sight! Ditto all remarks!


Wow, what a wonderful sight! Word has obviously spread that yours is a great eating place.


I have a chair by the back window and sometimes I just sit and watch the birds. I know, I live on the edge. The excitement it almost too much.

Thanks for stopping in my backyard, gnt, dondi, Cathy and snooker.

Dondi, I have more birds when it storms, although I seem to have a lot normally. Yes, a 40 lb bag ever few weeks.

Think there must be a sign outside your place that says "Owner loves us. Free food."


Oh my goodness!! Laurajane that is wonderful !! You get the "best picture" award for sure!!


Amazing! Is this your normal winter flock, or did you pick up some birds because of the storm? Or are you getting early spring migrants? If you're feeding that crowd through the winter, your feed bill must be way up there! Just guessing, but for this crowd, a 40-lb. bag every 2 weeks?


Fantastic photo Lauraj !!!!!!! You have the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH taking place in your back yard LOL ....


No, tex, that is not the spruce we were going to light up. That one is in my front yard. I have 4 little spruces in the back yard. A Norway Spruce, a Black Hills Spruce and 2 White Spruces. The one you see in this picture is a White Spruce.

Thanks tex and Monica!


Very pretty, thanks Laura!


Is that your little spruce (that we're going to light up) in the background? Very pretty.


Now, this is almost creepy! I've never seen so many, and I agree with Nellies, I think you've been spoon feeding them! What a delight right in your back yard! Thanks, Laurajane.


If the baboons ate the crows it would be a murder in congress. hahahahahha


They call a bunch of Baboons a congress and that is quite logical.


I can send you a complete flock...or two, PG. Let's see...if it were crows, it would be a murder. Why they are called that, I will never know.


See between you and chickster you have all the birds and that is not fare to all the rest of us. Please put some in an overnight box and send them down here.


I put up a sign, "grub" and they misunderstood.


Geesh laura! Are you the only person in town feeding them?


I live in west-central Illinois, just about 50 miles north of St Louis, Maryrob.


MY hubby wanted where in the world you live to have so many????????????


Nellies, I had to put my towel and spoon down to take the picture.

Don't be jealous, Nicky. I will be giving them your address shortly.

Thanks, Robyn, nancydr and pumpkin. Actually, pumpkin, there were more birds off the screen, to the right.


Delightful. Thanks for sharing this.

What a great photographic capture of this day.


WOW,you must have to by seed in bulk!!!!!!


You most be the only person in town who feeds them!! I love it!!!


Oh my! I am insanely jealous! What a fantastic feast for the eyes - they certainly know where to come when the weather gets tough! Thanks so much for posting LJ.


They sure appreciate the feeders!! Terrific shot Laura.


Wow, there are a lot of different species of birds and one squirrel.


DANG!!!! Carumba!!!!! What a flock you have in your yard!!! The weather must have caught them totally off guard? A super picture, Laura.