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Denise I am here for you

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February 2013
Time and temperature in all the countries of our friends on Jigid


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Thanks Gene, I am glad, you like she :-)))))))))))


Fun time HAPPY HAPPY away we go weeeeeeeeeeee LOL great photo Janaz :)))


Denise, I have a PC entry, "Favorites", where it can be saved. Otherwise, ask Ank she is good.
I think someone advise on jigidi.
I am so glad, you like Ernla, she is also very happy :-)))))))))))))))


I like when you smile from ear to ear, thank you very much Ank, you're my guardian angel, I love you and Micky, hugs my friend :-)))))))))


Hi Jana and Ank:-))
ear to ear :-))))))))) Love it :-)))))) She is a darling:-)))))
Thanks also for weather chart .How do I save it???
Have a wonderful eveningHUGS lots of them:-)))))


A very happy dog. She is so wonderfully dirty. Tasty muddy paws and dirty belly. You can see that he can enjoy life. A great photo dear, I love it and I'm sure Denise will love it. It's an ear to ear photo. :-)))))