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The snow finally arrived !

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Hi Suzy. So, are you still mowing your grass? I can't really remember where you are. Maybe you never told me?! I think you are in South Carolina but I could be thinking of someone else. Anyway ..... you are very welcome here!!


Cevas-Your touch of winter is such a tease for us! Thanks for sharing it-as well as pointing out the air raid siren; a bit of history that serves as a wise reminder to us all.


Hi Lorna. Thank you! I agree ... heavy snowfalls look wonderful but they create lots of problems. It's snowing right now but I don't think we will get 20 cm down here at our level.


Lovely photo Cathy. That is just about the right amount of snow for me; I wouldn't like the prospect of 20cms! No snow here - yet!


Thanks JC. I'm always glad to read your comments.


Great picture, Cathy! I love the skyline in the background!


Thanks robryan and chookies. It would be great if you could send us some of your heat and we would be very happy to send you some of our rain!


Oh yes, he sure would, rob!! Being a lifesaver on our beaches for much of his youth (before he settled in Vancouver) he certainly knows what heat is all about!!


Nice pic cevas - & here's chookie, me & all the other Aussies sitting out 30C + heat!! I wonder if her brother would like just a bit of it!!


Hi lyndee and chickiemama. Thank you for your kind comments! I tried to get a bit of the city in the picture. You can also see an old air raid siren left over from the 1950s ... the grey post just left of center. I think they left it there as a touch of history.

Hi Chookies. Thank you so much for your wonderful note. I love getting mail from Australia! The stamps are always so beautiful. Your brother will be annoyed that I tell you the news before he does. They are predicting more snow tomorrow possibly 20cm. There is a snow setting on my camera. Perhaps I will try it tomorrow.


Yay and nice shot too! I like the skyline in the background.


Hi cevas! My brother who lives in Vancouver rang me and mentioned that they've had a lot of rain lately and I told him that I already knew that. I told him that I've been solving all your puzzles of Vancouver and have been seeing Stanley Park, which he speaks about often. I opened up your page and asked him if he knew of all the places that you've been posting and he replied "of course I do". I can see Nth Vancouver from my place! If he rings to say that you've had snow, I'll be able to tell him I know that also....!!! Thanks for posting all these wonderful photo's - it brings back memories of my earlier years when I visited your wonderful city.


Beautiful cevas. I love how you captured the Vancouver skyline


They predicted it would snow and this time they were right!
Dec 18, 2012 Victoria park, North Vancouver, Canada.