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A-Maze-Ing (Smaller)

48 pieces
114 solves
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Oh, good, if that's all that's there, it means he got out safely! Not that I know who that would be, of course, actually, in fact.... Thanks for the report--I'll have to send in the groundskeeper.


I feel I must report an 'incident'.........the lovely 'L' shaped garden is littered with empty biscuit packets, and it looks as though a very large person has been sitting in the middle of the lawn, as the grass has been completely flattened........(just thought I'd let you know it wasn't me)..........


Thanks, PJ--I'm glad you were able to benefit from Robbie's predicament and get through this safely ! LOL! I'm glad you liked the colors, too--maybe they weren't a bad choice after all... :-)))

How frustrating, Ardy! Once or twice I bought a boxed puzzle that didn't have a picture on the front, just a big question mark as a teaser, and I wouldn't want to do that again. Thanks for taking the chance!


Very interesting maze. What made it even more interesting is that I had no idea what the puzzle was until I finished it as the thumbnail was blank. I finally clicked on the blank space for the smallest one and put it together. Thanks Pat. nice puzzle.


Oh Pat - I do love these colors, and I enjoyed the composition. And having read about Robbie's experience, I took great care and moved slowly around - and had a great time solving it, like decorating a super-modern appartment...


I'd offer to call Lela, and ask him to send in a chairycopter, but I have the feeling you'd rather I didn't, Robbie--it would probably only make your situation more dire than it already is...! Besides, he'd probably just sit up there laughing and taking pictures, then fly away without a backward glance... :-DDD

Thanks, Mandy--I decided to abandon my usual borders and just draw the lines wherever I felt like it, rather than relying on rectangles to do it. Yes, it did take a long time, and you can still see where I didn't manage to erase the little bits of lines that went too far...! And I think the color is a little glaring--I redid it several times, but not from scratch, and I think I should have--a new, softer color scheme with fewer neon colors would work better, I think...


Yikes, Pat, its fun in this size!! It must have taken you all night to draw and colour this one!!! I love it, and I've bookmarked the big one for a quieter week.... or 2!!! Thanks :~)


Hello??........HELLOOOOOO?????!!!!!!!!...........PD I couldn't get started so I parachuted in but I'm stuck in the middle of a light green L! The walls are high, I cannot get out......Any suggestions?
Oh, fun puzzle, thanks.