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Happy Spring Colors... I hope

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I think I see an Easter Baseball Field. Huh??


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Mariasha, I didn't mean to leave you hanging there. I'll keep this short, because I doubt if you're still checking for a response. I haven't been on Jigidi for a long time, since I've been very sick. Let me know if you get this, and we'll talk more.


Diane, I kinda thought you were that same person. Sorry I haven't been around; I've been very sick but am doing better...finally. That's why there's been no activity from me. Thanks for your nice comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it, because that's my goal! Keep smiling.


Diane from N.J. I am the same person.Diane McC.


I see necco wafers, green tee pees, coins,flowers, kisses, and balloons. Thank you,I enjoyed this.DIANE FROM NEW JERSEY

What a kind person you are, Judy! I giggled through your explanation of your escapades at the dentist/restroom. I do have some hobbies outside of jigidi. I have always done something with fibers...from spinning and crocheting, to painting on silk. I don't really paint on silk much anymore, because I don't have a good place to do have to stretch the silk on a frame, so if you want to do big pieces of need a large enough table, with room to walk/work all around it. So, now I content myself with tie dyeing...which I got into again because a few friends wanted me to show them how. I found some bamboo (it's a wonderfully soft material and very eco-friendly) socks and before I knew it, I was dyeing up a storm and giving everyone I knew there such a thing as the sock fairy? I've been having fun with dyeing...trying some new techniques I figured out and others that I read about...lots to explore with surface design.
I also love to garden and have a plot in the community garden here at my apartment complex. That led to my starting to can...and now I'm addicted. Everyone in my little family got things I canned wrapped in dish towels that I dyed (for Christmans). I'm starting to feel better, but I still have the cold symptoms...I had to go out today, I had run out of toilet paper and facial tissues! Thanks again for your kindness...and looks like humor is a good part of both our lives!


Mariasha, I'm so sorry you had to go through such an ordeal, but I'm happy you wound up with a nice dentist and probably the best endodontist. Aren't root canals fun? Actually I didn't mind it so much. They were a great team of fun and experienced people who treated me like a queen for a couple hours. I'm glad you likened your experience to a comedy routine, because there is probably more humor in the things that seemingly go wrong. I laugh all the time with my new dentist and his assistants. My good friend and caregiver transports me everywhere, and we feed off of each other. Time before last we went shopping before the dental appointment, and I needed to use the restroom at the store. There was a line, so we just hustled over to the dentist's office and asked to use the restroom there. My friend helps me out of my wheel chair so was in there with me. She was looking through the cabinet for some hand antiseptic, and we were laughing about what was up there. When we left, the tech was just outside the door, ready to escort us to a room. She heard every stupid remark we made. Then on my last appointment, we were running a little late, had planned to eat lunch before arriving and skipped that. I jokingly told my friend that the tech would probably get in her car and come looking for us if we were late. When we arrived we told her, and she said, "You bet I would!" We continued our silliness the whole visit. It makes going to the dentist much more fun, instead of my having dreaded it before.

Now, take good care of those lungs. I am on oxygen 24/7, and I know how fearful getting a cold or any kind of infection can be. Don't want to wind up in the hospital, my friend. You are not whining and don't ever suggest that again. You can always speak freely to me. Just go to one of my older puzzles if you want more privacy. We can talk without boring everyone else, especially those who would consider us whiners. I don't suppose this puzzle will get much more activity.

It is a pleasure getting to know you, and I do hope you will chat with me more. Do you have any more hobbies besides Jigidi? I know this is addictive, but I've been spending a bit of time offline doing a few of my former hobbies. It feels good. Kim, my caregiver friend helped make it possible. I'm sending you a get well hug. Hope you feel it.

First my tooth cracked and exposed a dentist had gotten into gambling trouble and closed his office...and naturally, I hadn't gotten around to finding another dentist, so I was turned down by several before I found a kind woman that would take a new patient on an emergency basis! But, she diagnosed the problem, and recommended a root canal and 3 endodontists that I could pick from. This is like a comedy routine, one was leaving for a 2 week vacation the next day, one already was on vacation and the third one wasn't taking anyone for a month. I finally found someone (now it had been a 10 days of searing pain and no solid food), and he was worth the wait, for he was a kind and trustworthy person. So, as my mouth started to feel in a couple days, my throat started to tell me something was coming. I now have a full blown cold, and I'm trying everything I know how to keep it from settling in my chest (an old bronchial issue). I'm really a little better today, and feel I'll kick it...I shouldn't have said was a bit whiny...especially to you, since I know you have your own, much more permanent issues. Thank you for your concern, and thank you for creating puzzles that delight me and distract me!


PJ, I'm eager to usher in Spring and use Easter colors, or at least colors I associate with Easter. A great day for celebrating! Thanks so much for the nice comment and glad you liked it.


Judy - very fun and happy puzzle, and very fine composition :-)))


Edie, I'm glad you liked it enough to want to do both sizes. That really makes me happy. Thanks for letting me know and glad you saw all the candy that I put there for you to share. Enjoy your day and give someone a hug today. :-))


What a great Easter puzzle Judy. Looks like the bases are loaded. And there's Hersey's kisses and little coloured eggs. I loved it. Going to bookmark the bigger one for later. Thank you so much it was really fun solving.


Oh, Mariasha, I'm so sorry you are sick. Do you have the flu or something more long-term? I'll be praying for you. Glad you like baseball, though. Smile if you can. Hugs.

If I weren't so dang sick, I'd play baseball with that pastel lovin' bunny. Thanks for the fun.