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Lemon Tree Very Pretty (LOL)!

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A little puzzle humor for the yellow theme this week... :-)))


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I went to bed before I did, and now you've done my work for me--oops! But thanks! I knew it was someone I'd know!


Did you find it?? It's John Sebastian, formerly of the Lovin' Spoonful. I had to google it - I didn't know who it was.


Oh, that was such fun to see and hear! [Do you know who the announcer was who introduced them? The voice was familiar, but I can't think of a name... I'll Google it. :-)))] Thanks, whatnauts--and good luck with the tree. Maybe it will work with so many bulbs, but the single bulb I tried years ago was useless!


I listened to the Peter, Paul and Mary version of the song while solving this puzzle

I'll borrow the mosquito tree next summer, PD!!




Maybe this is really a Bonga-Bonga street light!


Thanks so much, Francine and Wendy! The more I look at it, the more I see a crookedmmulti-armed streetlamp with lots of mosquito-chasing bulbs! :-DDD


Mandy is so right! This one made me smile immediately. :-)


Yay for Trini Lopez! Thanks for the fun, Pat. (3:12). Am humming away - need you ask what!


Thank you for not laughing at (well, at least not right in your comments!) my poor, pitiful lemon tree, Katie and Ardy! It may be the only one in history to bear such abundant fruit without any leaves growing on the branches...! And my daughter Courtenay has a short video of Luke tasting a lemon. He makes a face, puts it down, puts it back in his mouth, makes a face, and repeats this over and over! Maybe he's a child psychologist (as opposed to a grownup one), trying desensitization therapy... :-)))


Love this, Pat. It is delightful. I saw my cousin give his one year old a slice of lemon and she ate it and seemed to like it - at least she didn't make a face. Thanks. Great and fun puzzle


Funny Pat! Today we have lots of music tracks to choose from now!


Mandy, after I posted this, I felt a little guilty about telling you to stop the music on your yellow submarine one--but not too much...! After yesterday's ear worms, my brain is frazzled!

That's the song, but I always wondered about the validity--I love lemons, and eat and drink them all the time! Then again, I've been known to enjoy straight vinegar as well...! Thanks, Heidi!


And the lemon flower is sweet. But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.


Pat I love this - it's brilliant, and very amusing too!!! Thanks for making me smile and laugh :~)