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Clivea lilies

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I planted these 12 months ago - and this is the first flowering. Also planted a pale yellow one, but there's no sign of any flowers on them!


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Thanks Patti!
Thanks Gracie!!


Very delicate and wonderful color! thanks Robyn


Lovely! Thank you Robyn!


Thanks Beekay & Sandy!


It's a very pretty little lily robyn.


Most of our state has had a mild winter Dave - and some of the other states, but we seem to have skipped most of winter along the coast. It's unseasonably warm even for us! Thanks - for the flower comment & Layla's avatar!!

I'm pleased you got lots of rain chookie - winter is usually our driest season, but this year especially so!! And...yes!!! I'm sooo glad the election is over!!! And that we have a new Prime Minister....Rudd was not a nice person!! I'm being polite here :))))

Thanks Laura!!


Beautiful Rob! Thanks


Robyn, you have some pretty little orange flowers there!


Compared to other winters, our winter was very mild, rob, but we've had record rainfalls which is wonderful for our farmers who expect bumper crops this year. We've had a touch of summer also with temps up near the 30 degree mark but the temps are dropping again for the rest of the week. I always look on the weather map to see what temps you're getting and have noticed that you're into summer already. Too soon!! Apparently we're in for one VERY hot summer this year - something to look forward too, hey? Aren't you glad the Election is over??


Great avitar!


Is the hot just by you or most of the Country, Robyn? Keep watering-its a beauty!!


Thanks chookie - I'm having to water them these days - we've had virtually no rain for 8 weeks, and the temps are high - it's going to 27C (80F) today, and 32C (90F) by next Wednesday!!! What happened to Winter!!!


It was worth the wait, rob, very pretty.