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texturen 130

130 pieces
131 solves
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I am happy that I find your comment dear Wendy, please take it easy and take care about yourself, and the ones you care about like granchildren!!!
In the begin I was not realised how everthing was working on Jigidi, that is why I was giving no reaction, but later I was realised that there are people behind the comment and so I was started with the comment.
I feel so good sometimes because I have alot of people that give comments on me like you and I give comment to the same people that creating great puzzles.
I am so happy that I have contact today with you,Wendy be strong and I am waiting on anything you do to keep contact,
Willy. :-)

Willy, I never went back to see where I had left the comment on your puzzle until awhile ago. I left it in October of last year! Because you never responded (until a day ago), and I had even posted it in the language that I thought you spoke, I figured that you didn't read the comments. Then when I finally realized that you did, I didn't want to post any comments because....well....I won't say. Anyway, I decided eventually to leave comments...because I was excited that you were finally 'talking' to people, and I had always wanted to find out more about you.

I've been trying to 'fly' away from Jigidi, but then my mind isn't letting me sleep peacefully yet. I keep thinking that there is something else I missed. Well, there is plenty that I'd like to say, but I won't. In your case though, I just need to say that I will always remember you, no matter what. And that I am still going to eventually make you your special puzzle. I want to be in a happier 'place' before I make it. Then Mandy will be the one to post it. I'm not in any rush. I still need time to clear my head. All the nice things I've ever said about you, I meant, and still do. :-)


Thank you dear Wendy,
Willy. :-)


Sommige van uw puzzels zijn mooi.