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Just sitting in the sun.

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Thanks Cathy, I love this comment, because she is.


Great picture! Thank you Ank. Micky is amazing! She always becomes the focal point!!


Hi Monica, no this is an old photo. We don't own this boat anymore. Thanks.


Hello Ank, your boat is so very beautiful, but I'm confused! I thought you sold your boat and bought something much smaller! Is this the same boat or your new boat? Hello there Micky, I'm sending you lot's of hugs and kisses, take good care of your mommy for us! Beautiful pic Ank, I just love pics of boats on the water! Hope you and Micky had lots of fun this weekend!...Monica


Hi friends, thanks for dropping in. We were often at that place, it was very nice. You are all welcome.


Beautiful Ank,I wanna come tooooooooo,Thanks


can I join her? That is a really nice boat , Ank!!!

That's a nice photo. Very peaceful and serene.


Thanks Hanne Gnt and Mimi. Friends lets go on a sunny day, we all sit there in the sun, Micky is the captain and will take us everywhere.


Awwww Micky, you're wonderful!


what a life he has LOL


Would I like it too?!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Thanks Shirley Ardy Sandy and Pat. Micky asked you to come over, she wants to enjoy the sun with you.


Great set thanks Sis


It looks like so much fun Ank. I bet you can't wait for Summer to get here!


Good dog. Guarding the boat. I'm sure you are paid well for your services. Thanks, Ank. Summer will come again. Right now it's cold but no snow. Take good care of everyone, Micky.


Such is a dogs life, you are a lucky girl Micky, to have pride of place, Thank Ank.


Thanks friends, she loved to sit there, because then she had a good view. She is very curious, so that was a good place for her.
Jana I'm so sorry for you. We have 2.2C, almost no wind, no sun, no snow. So this afternoon we go to the woods for a walk, Lorna maybe I canfind that sundial, then I can find out about it.


Hi Micky, you look beautiful too, have a request, there's new snow, cold and foggy, have you a little space for me to heat? Thank you very much Ank, big hugs for all 3 girls :-)))))


She definitely looks in command of your beautiful boat, and has a good look out position there.


Hey Micky:-) You loook so tiny keeping watch there. Miss you when not showing your model poses:-))
Love and hugs for Ank and Elly:-))