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Third Kind of 9 Square: Large

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Please give me your opinion. Do you like today's, yesterday's, or 2 days ago best? Do you like all 3 kinds of 9 square?

All images were ones I created using kaleidoscope makers.


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All will be well in the end. I should also have credited Cheryl with directing me to one of the sites when I wanted to add birthday greetings to puzzles I was posting.


Gail, thank you for your nice compliment. I'm happy if I provided some inspiration. I will have to read some forum comments. I hope all is well!


Thank you, Sue. Kirsten gave me the name of a website where I can put the kaleidoscopes together to make the collages. I really wanted to do that all along, but didn't know where to get the program as it's not on my computer. Your time was good. My score was 1:16. I'm long off the leader board.


Very nice, Gail. These new puzzles are a hit for sure. 1:05


I didn't have time for Jigidi at all when I was working. I didn't even know about it. Maybe when you retire you can join the forum.


I'm so sorry to hear that Gail, but glad to hear of a good prognosis. Still it will be a tough time for you all. Take care, and stay well yourself. :)))

Oh, and I've thought about joining the forum, but with so little Jigidi time already, I just don't think I have the time. But thanks anyway.


Thank you, Kirsten. I will continue to post some of each kind of puzzle since there seems to be a following for them. Jill is the one who gave me the desire to make collages like her quilts. I loved them and still do.

My husband starts treatment at Mayo Clinic on Tuesday. He has a very small tumor and the outlook is excellent. Still we will be away from home 5 days every week for the next few months staying in a small extended day room. If you join the forum you will see more about this.


I love this one Gail!! It reminds me of the "quilts" Jill used to do! Remember we would meet up there on the large ones? Isn't it funny that we've both become puzzle makers, and we started off as people who would "bump into each other" on other people's puzzles. We obviously have similar taste!! And excellent taste it is too. LOL I think I've just said this on the other 2 collages that I just solved, but can I suggest that you trust in your own feel for what you like to make? I'm sure everything you do will find an audience. And you need to have creative satisfaction too, which means making the things that make YOU happy first. :)))

And can I also add that I see that clearly there is something quite serious happening in your personal life at the moment. I hope that whatever it is, has a good outcome. Take care, my friend. :)))


Thank you, Katie. It looks like different people like different puzzles. Judging from the solves, people like 9 squares. I'll probably be posting some of each kind, maybe rotate them and throw in some of the ones derived from the 9 square from time to time. We will be away from home quite a bit in the next few months and I will have my laptop, but I haven't created many puzzles on that yet. Most of my creating is on this PC. We'll see what I can post during that time.


Hi Gail, they're all great! I like yesterday's type best - the variety of designs and patterns is a lot of fun. It reminded me of June's Monday puzzles. It's a toss up then between this and Wednesday. Maybe this one and then the traditional kaleido 3 x 3, just to have something different. Thanks so much for all of them! Now - on to read the comments of others. (I didn't want to be influenced at all by other opinions.)


Thank you, Jo. Actually the 9 square came first and then I made the mountains and starry sky from the 9 square. I don't know exactly how that happened or if I can even replicate it, but I'll try.

Roerick, thank you for your comment. I will probably continue to post all 3 kinds. That way I get more mileage out of my original kaleidoscopes and thus can make more puzzles. I'm so happy that other people enjoy my work. Thanks again to Kirsten who steered me on this path. I have been wanting to create kaleidoscopes ever since I joined Jigidi. Funny, if I were to buy a regular jigsaw puzzle it would be of animals or scenery, but on Jigidi I prefere the kaleidoscopes. Maybe because there's some pattern to them.

Ardy, I tend to agree with your ordering of the puzzles. I started liking day # 2 puzzles after working June's Monday puzzles. At first I just did them because they were June's. Now I actually look forward to them. Of course she does things with her puzzles that I could never begin to do. Thank you for your prayers. I may not be posting on such a regular basis starting Tuesday, but we are taking the laptop with us, so I hope to get some creative time and Jigidi time.


Hi Gail. If I rank these three types of puzzles number 1 would be two days ago, this would be second and yesterday's would be third. Most times I would probably choose not to do yesterday's type at all. But I love your experimenting. Thank you for this fun one.
I'm not on forum but Josie has relayed some of your information. My prayers are with you.


I've liked all three but prefer this one the best. You do whatever makes you happy and we'll all reap the benefits. Thank you for all the joy you bring to the Jigidi solvers who haven't yet mastered the making of the puzzles.


Gail I like this 9 square puzzle , much fun to work! I also like that you used the mountain, and stars designs in this puzzle!! Made my time a little faster!! tee-hee! 1:57 :)


Jill, I just made a bunch of these patterned motifs from 2 different original kaleidoscopes. I'll see how they work in a 9 square. I know you made some 9 squares with very similar motifs. They were a challenge but fun.


Jill, ever since I started working your 9 squares with patterns somewhat like these, I was hooked. You have been my inspiration for 9 squares. June, Star, and Kirsten have been my inspiration for traditional kaleidoscopes. Kirsten has given me many hints on how to make kaleidoscopes, mainly by directing me to certain on line programs. Thank you for your input. I really value your artist's eye. I may not be posting as much in the coming weeks. I don't know if you have been reading my messages on the forum recently or not.


Wendy, I used to have a lot of pain-hands, feet, back, you name it. The chiropractor has helped a lot and gluten free, sugar free also helps. I still have pain and am very slow walking, but I'm so much better than I used to be. I hope you find something that helps you get rid or lessen the pain in your hand.


Gail, I'm glad I just came back. I wanted to add that although I like the top right-hand side square the most, it doesn't stand out like some of the others. I think your mix is terrific as is.

I haven't solved any puzzles ever since I started creating my own. I save all my hand 'strength' for creating...because my hand is always in pain. At least I can rest it often when I'm creating.

I think this is probably my very favorite of yours. :-)


Thank you, Wendy. I appreciate your comment. I didn't know you don't solve puzzles anymore. I don't solve as many as I used to. There's only so much time and I do love creating. I don't have very many of this type of image but certainly can create more. I like these better in a collage than as singles.


Gail, all of these are great! Judging by the number of solves, a lot of people agree with me!! I equally like the 9 kaleidos and the nine squares. I also enjoy when 2 types of imagery are used, such as squares combined with kaleidos. I'm not as fond of the ones where all 9 are unrelated........ I enjoy ending up with some type of pattern when I finish. Thanks for asking..... you are probaly going to get a myriad of suggestions, lol!


Oh, the one thing that makes my opinion less useful than others is that solving the puzzles might have made me prefer another one more. However, this one is eye-popping to my way of thinking....and seeing. :-)


Gail, I was just signing in, saw your puzzle, saw your question and have a strong opinion so I figured I'd offer it. By far this one is the most pleasing to my eyes out of the three. You probably know that I don't solve puzzles anymore (not even mine), but visually, I love this one. In fact, that's why I had to stop and mention it. :-)