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Sing, choirs of angels

35 pieces
63 solves
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Designed by Clara Weaver Copenhagen Denmark


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Good morning, Pat. Delighted to see you here and glad you like it. Thanks for coming by.


Beautiful work thanks for sharing ..


Whoops. Sorry Fodus. My finger slipped and I didn't realize it right away.


Oh, Fodos, the older items are usually the most precious. Elfie posted two ornaments today that have been in her family since 1938. I'm glad you like my little choir and the stained glass window. Thanks for coming by and letting me know. Merry Christmas.


Kirsten, It's so great when you have the time to come visit me. I've been having a great time on Jigidi today. I did one of the kaleido collages that Su left on Troubleatmill. If I do one a day that should take care of the time she is "resting" LOL, I did Jan's big one and just finished your big one. Plus a bunch of smaller ones. Thank you for visiting and I love the hugs. Here are a few extras for you ((Hugs))


Thanks, Josie. This one is rather special to me.


I have a set of 3 choir boys an aunt gave me in the 50's. I 'happened' to find a stained glass window in a 5 and dime and still have it and set them in front of it. It is barely hanging together, but they go together so am keeping it...someone else can throw it away. :)


It's a gorgeous one, Ardy! And I hope you are having a lovely Christmas day. Merry Christmas!! ((HUGS))


Each stitch so precise dear Ardy, done with love, beautiful, thank you.


Merry Christmas to you, Katie. Glad you like my little choir. Thank you.


Oh, this is a darling little choir! Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece Ardy. Merry Christmas to you!


Thanks, Ank. Sorry you have rain. Stay warm. Stay safe. Hugs.


Lovely Ardy, so beautiful


Thank YOU, Hanne. I know you know what's involved with these.


It's BE-AU-TI-FUL, Ardy!! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks, Barb. I would get excited every time a new catalog came. Back in those days money for extras like this was in short supply so I couldn't order everything I wanted. The time I was in her store - Wow. There were things there that were not in any catalogs. I came along at the end of the great depression and was brought up with the idea that if I didn't have to money in hand - don't buy. I'm still like that. The only things now I have financed is the house. I save and pay cash when I need a new car. Now how did I get into that.? On a better note I'm glad you will get a special dinner one way or another. I know it's not all that great to be alone on Christmas.


I really like this one, Ardy! Such wonderful designs from Clara Weaver. :-)