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for hanne, place were i live -red point

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Verushka, I also looked up the place where you live. Google Earth gives a 3D picture that slowly turns all around your town. From what I could tell, you live in a very pretty place. Thanks for the map..........


so well, hanne!!!now I'll be waiting to visit, give us a sleigh!


Vera, I found Raciu, now I know exactly where you live!! Fantastic!! Thanks so much!!


jill, kisses for you and for your beauty cat.


Gaillou, But there was little in romania ... you wait until next year.kisses


Hanne, is only 80 kilometers, it is not so much, takes up to an 2 hour . I do not venture too me, just to the airport, when my husband comes from Belgium ...


JiggyBelle, I'm so glad to meet you, you're a lady with a wonderful smile. thank you for the kind words.hugs


mipahollo1, I would like to live in a sunny place all year round to miss the snow and icicles to see only in postcards for Christmas ...


grannygoatlady, thanks for your words.texas , is in my favourites places.hugs


queenbee, romania is a beautiful country, and the delta where the Danube flows into the Black Sea, is a beauty, and is included in UNESCO, so if you ever travel in romania, of the view.


Vera, thank you for posting this map. It is very nice to know where you live. I'm going to look at the area on Google Earth


Thank you for the map. I too read about your enormous snow and blizzard. I live in Minnesota in the U.S. Last year we had the 4th snowiest winter on record. This year we have had very little. I can still see the grass in some places! I was in Turkey and went on a ferry up to the Black Sea. That's as close as I have been to Romania.


By the way - thanks Vera for showing!! Kisses!!


It's my guess that you live at the red spot in "h" in Bucharest - right??? How far have you to go to come to Bucharest?? It looks very short but I don't think it is in reality!! It is an enormous country, really!!


Nice to see where you live. I love so many of your puzzles! I live in the NorthWest part of the U.S. in Oregon. Known for rain and Nike shoes. We've been having many inches of rain, but not blizzards. Thanks for your puzzles.


Thank you for the post. I read in the paper about the huge blizzard in Romania this week. I hope that you and yours are all OK.


I enjoy your puzzles very much. It is nice to see where you live. I live in the southern part of the USA, in Louisiana. We do not usually get any snow, though sometime in the winter we get frost and a light freeze.


A big Howdy to you, Verushka_b, from South Texas in the USA. Thanks for the wonderful geography lesson. I have always loved maps and geography was always one of my favorite subjects in school.


Very interesting to see ! I didn't realize that Romania was such a big country! Or that the Danube River travels so far to the Black Sea ! These maps of countries was a great idea, I am learning a lot about the world!! Thankyou for showing your country! :)