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My Little Manx, Nubbin

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She is a little over two years old. She is very loving and demanding. I never have felt so goofy over a cat as I am about her. I love all my kitties, though.


She's a sweetheart. She looks like she's extremely loving and affectionate. I've always loved the patterns of calico's. How old is she?

Catmoma, the piano stool has been in the family for more than 100 years! Funny, I never liked calico cats or long haired cats. What is Nubbin? Both! and I think she is gorgeous!

PS: I also love her name, suits her so well.

Such a beauty! I am partial to calico cats anyway. I have one now and have had several others in the past. I also love the old piano stool, would love to find one like it.

Thank you. She is very special. She is 'Nubbin' because of her little nub of a tail which she wags like a dog.

She is beautiful!