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The Four Seasons. Let's see what 2013 will bring. :)) III

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Hola Gail,
In the beginning I have thought of joining the forum, but as it is I haven't got enough time to answer my comments and do a few puzzles every day - I have admired your wonderful puzzles more than once from afar, the colours and patterns of your Bromeliad kaleidoscopes are absolutely marvellous, but there isn't any more time left.
While I'm writing this comment, I really should be getting on with my work. Apart from the fact that I'm a mother of two daughtes, wife to a busy husband and a housewife as we all are I suppose, I work as a teacher; in the morning I prepare the classes and I do the teaching in the afternoons and evenings, so there isn't much time left. :((
Although I must admit that Jigidi is a wonderful place to escape from the routine and I love it to get to know people from all over the world, it was a real pleasure meeting you. I don't know much about Minnesota and Minneapolis but now I have a good reason to look something up.
Thanks a lot for your invitation, maybe in the future when everything calms down a bit I might try to join the forum.


Hola, Dagmar. I do remember a little Spanish. I live near Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the U.S. I'm learning Arabic a little when I go there, but not much. It's a difficult language. I've never been to Germany either. Maybe someday. What kind of work do you do? Have you ever thought of joining the Jigidi forum. We chat a lot there. A number of Jigidi people are on it including Sue, Hanne, June, Josie, Joyce, Cheryl, Linda, Melissa and many others. Go to FAQ to find out more or leave a message on Sue1 or Sue49 puzzles. Juneshone always posts an invitation every week. You can look on that puzzle, too, for information.


Thanks for the compliment. I grew up in Germany and then lived in England for some time - hence the English - before settling down in Spain as you say a zillion years ago. Where do you live? If I'm too nosy just ignore me. I've also tried to learn Arabic some time ago, but there is just not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do. And now after discovering Jigidi there isn't even enough night left to do everything LOL. I can more or less understand French and read it, I even can speak a little but I'm incapable of writing it. :)). I've never been to Tunisia, but people that have been there say that it is a beautiful place.
I'm getting carried away again LOL, I'm famous for my novels :)), but it's very late here and tomorrow work is waiting for me. So it's "buenas noches" - I'm sure you haven't forgotten all your Spanish - here in Spain.
P.S. You are right, my name is Dagmar. :))


Yes, please call me Gail. I believe your name is Dagmar, correct? It's hard to believe you took photos to get these images. I have never been to Spain, but it's a place I always wanted to visit. I was a Spanish major in college a zillion years ago. I don't speak Spanish anymore. My husband is from Tunisia and I speak French there every year and I'm trying to learn Arabic. The Spanish kind of got lost. Your English is very good.


Happy New Year to you Gail, I hope it is ok to call you this, I have seen you so many times at Kirsten's place that it seem a bit strange to call you Gaillou. :))
I'm very happy you like my nature puzzle. Most people pass them by because they are not as colourful as the usual ones I post, but they just don't know what they miss. :)) Nature makes really beautiful kaleidos. I have taken all these photos here in Madrid (Spain) or in the nearby Guadarrama mountains, I love seeing the changes of the countryside and the vegetation with each season. Thanks for staying to leave this lovely comment it is wonderful to get positive feedback. :))


I love everything about this puzzle. I love the depiction of the 4 seasons. I love the swirls around your center motifs. I love the center motifs. Thank you for a superb puzzle.