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Circles in Rings in Diamonds in Squares

400 pieces
428 solves
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Oh, geeeeez, Pat. My "yes" was NOT that you are dumb and that I'm smart. LOL


Yes, Pat. Plus because someone usually posts a comment within about two minutes of me posting a batch of puzzles, I can go by that time as the starting point too. Of course, I could also click on "created" to see the exact time I posted a puzzle. In this particular case with guest though, I knew it was a very fast time.


Ah, I see--since guest's solve showed up so soon after you posted it, you figured the time from that! Smart Wendy! Dumb Pat! LOL!!!


Pat, no, no, no! Although guest couldn't be on the top of the list, I could see that guest had solved the puzzle because of the 'outside' stats (the list of puzzles with the thumbnails). It showed ONE solve, but since no one was showing up on the list, I knew it was a guest....and the guest showed up about 25 minutes after I posted the puzzle.

I feel badly that goldfish dove down into the depths of the list. Hopefully goldfish will make it back on another puzzle. LOL

And you make a good point about Guinness, except that I still wish goldfish was here.


Oooooh--and look at the solves since I wrote before--221 is now 331!!!


I didn't think you could see a guest time anymore--I thought it only showed that there was a solver, but no time was shown. Learn something new every day...!

Well, goldfish is off the board now, too--personally, I'm happier being bested by Guiness--beer is good!


Pat, Guest solved the puzzle first and had an excellent time (in the twenty minutes plus range). I think so many of the people who don't sign up are clueless that no personal information is gathered on them.

You're right that your time is a good one....but look, a goldfish (goldfish3) beat you. What's the world coming to when a fish can make the top ten list?

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed creating this one. I created it this morning and had fun.


that popped into place at the end! (Sorry, hit "post comment" with a stray finger ...)! Thanks, Wendy!


Well, I am clearly not guest, with a 44:10, although I think that probably makes me (maybe) in 13th place, which isn't so shabby with 221 solves! This was so much fun to solve, with the challenge of very slight differences in some of the shades, and the abundance of "circles in rings"


Listen up, Guest. I know you got a great time on this....but because you didn't bother signing up, no one knows who you are. And no one knows the time you got on it. You shouldn't be embarrassed! Sign up! You don't have to provide any personal information at all to get a users name. You don't even have to give out your email address.