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Coffee time

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I just take white wine. I like red, but red wine reacts to gout. One sip and I can not walk anymore. So I drink it no longer.


Hi Ank. I love a couple of ounces of wine with a good meal. It is reported to actually be good for you in moderation. My problem is that I take so many medications that interact adversely with it. So I just take a sip or two every once in awhile............


Yes that's pity, but I think the pretend beer will be tasty too. I just don't like the taste of beer. I use alcohol, no problem, but I take wine or Campari (an Italian drink).


Hello, Ank. I only drink 'pretend' beer anymore---the non-alcohol kind. I have so many dietary restrictions now that I can only ignore one 'no-no' every so often. I have learned to like the pretend beer pretty well so now I can still have my beer--- & something else I shouldn't!............


Hi Ann, I will run to the shop to buy some beer. When I know I will have visitors who drink beer, I make sure that I have it. But, maybe it is strange, no one I know drinks beer.


Micky, Where is my Heine, or at least my coffee, to go with the biscuit. Oh, yes your mom said you don't eat the biscuit or drink either one. Did your mom get mine? Oh yes, she doesn't like beer. HENK! What did you do with my beer?! Present it now or I'll sic Micky on you!...............


Hi yes good morning for you. We have a time difference of 9 hours remember. The moment you wrote that it was in my late afternoon, now it's evening. And now you are late in the morning, so I can wish you a beautiful day. lol
Hi dear, I'm glad you like it. Hugs.


Goedemorgen Ank ! It's nice to see this wonderful picture of Micky enjoying her cookie. Dank je!


Thanks Katie, doglovertoo, Francine, Sissy, Suzy and Morris. Friends I love your comments. Fun, we both don't drink beer, we just don't like it. Dogloover I got your date and your on. Francine thats OK, there are more friends who don't like it.


Lorna, I see we crossed. And you're right I understood it was a joke.


Tu cute!! Looks more like bier time though!!


A biscuit and a Heineken! :)


Sweets for the sweetie ..... Good one Sis


Ank, that's very sweet of you. Thank you for the offer of a birthday puzzle. As I don't really celebrate mine, I'll pass up on your offer at this time. Thanks again. :~)


Goingsilver - I have a friend who every morning would have coffee with her dog, and yes the dog actually drank the coffee out of a small dish. I have another friend who would give her dog a little beer every night. Sorry to say that neither dog is alive today, but they both lived to be at least 14.

Puzzlejac, how sweet of you to include me on your birthday calendar. My birthday is May 10, 19??.


Hi Ank, Micky is a lucky girl to get home made biscuits! She's a very smart girl too knowing the pill will make her feel better! You are a really good pet owner!


Hi Jan, Francine, Monica, doglovertoo and Patti. Thanks for your nice comments.
Jan the biscuit is not really big, Micky is so small.
Monica I was not hiding, Henk was taking a picture of Micky, it was not intended that I came up, but I did. It's an old picture.
lol Patti, I understand.
And yes girls I know too what it is that's why I give her a painkiller when I see she needs it. I will give her hugs. Thanks for caring.
Francine and doglovertoo I post a Birthday calendar every month. If you want your name on, please add your date on one of my puzzles. I make you a Birthday puzzle and maybe some other friends do too. I post the calendar puzzle two days before the new month starts. Ank


Sorry to read that darling Micky is troubled with arthritis, but so glad her tablets work for her, and so clever of her to associate them with relief of her pain. You know I didn't really expect Micky to drink coffee don't you Ank?!


(For a second I thought I was doing a Morris puzzle -- when I saw the Heineken Beer coaster!) Micky is darling! Thanks, Ank!


Oh little one, I know your pain. I too have osteoarthritis.


Why, is that Ank I see hiding off the left of this pic? I believe it is, why are hiding yourself Ank? Maybe we all want to see you! L.O.L. Love the pic, sorry Micky is in pain from osteoarthritis! I too have this disease so I know how very painful it is! Make sure to give Micky lot's of hugs and kisses from me! Tell her that I wish her well! Oh, and next time put yourself IN the pic with your sweet faced Micky, alright? Your friend, Monica


Micky is cute.


What a big biscuit that is! What a cutie Micky is. Thanks so much, Ank1


Yes you saw right Sandy, her face is very expressive. Mostly she looks happy. But this morning her face showed she had pain, osteoarthritis, so I gave her a painkiller. Seeing the tablet already gave her a smile on her face. She knows the pain goes away. She is intelligent and makes the link between the tablet and the disappearance of the pain. I find that amazing.


So cute! Looks like she has a big smile on her face. Thanks Ank.


Thanks Cappy, Hanne and Jan, I'm just returned from a walk and my hands are very cold. I can't type well at the moment. We have sun, but as usual a lot of wind. I'm glad you love the photo. Cappy Micky is my little girl. She is 10 years old now. And sweet and cute and .......... and so much more. Ank


Gee, I had a comment on this. Back again and Micky is so cute in the morning.


You have the coffee, I have the biscuit!! Thanks so very much Ank!!

just love micky!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's so cute


Hi girls, let me tell the good news first, in my garden is a very small crocus in bloom, just one and it's yellow. Much too early. I'm glad you like the Micky photo. No she does not drink coffee, but she knows when it's coffee time. But she does not eat that biscuit. She just want to tell, it's mine. I can play with it and when you make a few small parts I will take it. She is just cute.
Jana I'm glad you don't need help, then I have some more Jigidi time. :-))))


Good girl, Micky. Enjoy your biscuit. Thanks for being there this morning. Love seeing you too. Thanks Ank.


Thank my dear Ank, I do not need help, the snow is falling all the time, but it is very wet and cleans well, I think you've had enough of your snow :-)))


Oh Darling Micky, not all at once! You do look cute! Micky.


Love this photo! But where is her coffee to accompany her biscuit?!


Thanks girls, I'm glad Micky can make your day.
Chook have a nice evening and sleep tight.
Katie time to sleep girl, have nice dreams.
Good morning Jana. Snow again? Do you need my shovel help? Have a beautiful day my friend.


Good morning Ank and Micky, I clean the snow from the morning, now I sit at the computer and see Micky, biscuit from ear to ear, what a beauty and fun, Thanks for a great smile :-)), :-)), :-)) Enjoy a nice day girls


Oh, good grief!!! That's too funny, thanks Ank!


What a polite baby, mine would have their noses in the middle of the bowl.