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Man In The Moon

56 pieces
96 solves
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You guys are an absolute JOY to create for!!!!! What more can I say? THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing the puzzles!!!!! :-))))))))))))

Thanks pretty....I love these creations of yours.


Yes this one is cheerful and uplifting.


Gorgeous and stunning! Even breath-taking! Thanks for this wonderful creation!


Ohhh...... He's just tooo cute!! Lovely colors, and design!! Lots of fun, thanks!! :)


Oh, my. I've run out of superlatives. Oh, okay, maybe I have one or two more. Spectacular. Magnificent. Fabulous. Thanks so much, Kathy. :)))


So far they are showing no signs!!!!! Let's hope it stays that way!!!!! I will keep you posted if anything shows up. I sure hope not as it would drive me crazy thinking about them and tring to get rid of them. Hubby called the vet when I got Libby's email and according to the vet, humans don't get these and cats seldom do. So here is hoping and praying for the best to continue. Thanks for asking!!!!!!


Just wondering how Bandit and Sophie are view of Callie Lou's scabies have you been bathing and dosing...hope could use a break ! Faye :)))