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All the girls

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Carol, this is just fascinating - the scene is wonderful and the comments add so much more! I could look at this for a long time! Thanks for keeping us in the loop with these remarkable beings!


They adjusted hours of construction just for the zoo. The state has never done something like that before.


I just hope that the noise of all the construction on the freeway is not going to disturb them. I understand there was quite a conflict regarding that.


They really only have cement in part of the back yard. They are mostly on dirt or padded composite flooring. It's really nice to walk on.
They are starting to dismantle things now to make room for the new things. Then people will complain that the elephants are too far away to see!


I can't wait until their new sanctuary is built to get that off that cement. Wonderful photo, Carol.


If you are wondering about the clouds around them, I believe they just had their baths and are steaming!
Actually the curved trunk is Chendra protecting her food from the baby. Mom is on the left watching. Chendra touched Sam once when he was a baby and got too close to her food. mom didn't like that one bit!

beautiful elephants, especially the baby, so precious,

...including the baby. awwwwww! So sweet how she is being protected by that curved trunk. Thanks for sharing.