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San Fransisco! Painted Ladies! The House Next Door!

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This is the house right next to the Painted Ladies Apartments that you can just see a corner of the roof of. I believe all these are historically correct to original, paint and all. Pretty amazing!


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I don't know what the original colors were, but they almost certainly weren't these. It is not clear how many were creatively painted in the Victorian era; an 1883 architectural tirade refers to "a few of our younger would-be architects" painting buildings in blue, red, yellow, chocolate and brown. Nor were they necessarily painted in so much contrasting detail.

Today's colors tend to the contemporary (many weren't available in the prior century), remnants of the sixties and seventies, and have spawned a new industry of picking and planning colors which will create striking combinations, in paints that can withstand San Francisco's difficult climate. According to "Painted Ladies: San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians" (1978):

"The Colorist Movement developed spontaneously but haltingly in the 1960s. Isolated beacons of color painted by a few courageous souls aroused the ire Painted Ladies still do on the grounds of tradition and aesthetics."


The real me, as cute as a button or is that bottom? Either way.


Thanks gnt. Nice change on your profile photo, PG


well U are correct in saying that


the windows also add to the charm of the buildings. Nice one Warbler.


Thank you JC




I agree, PamCal. If the houses were like this, what was everything else like, including the insides of the house and the people.

I love these old buildings. Gets you to thinking about the people who lived in them.