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I know what you mean whatnauts, they look fine until they're broken up to solve, and then all the colours seem to merge together!!

LOL Judy - I did actually solve this one myself, and realised it would be quite a challenge, as whatnauts said, the gradients really do make it harder. I was snoozing away when you left your comment, and I'm about to go to snooze away again!! I may catch up with you over the weekend!!


Mandy, I felt like I'd never done a jigsaw puzzle before on this one. I was sooooo slow, but it was fun, and I listening to some great tunes. I think the puzzle is really attractive but deceptively slow going. Thanks for a real challenge. You've had a huge number of solves, so we're all in agreement that this is a winner. Thanks! Now, off to bed. This time I mean it!! I've left comments on too many puzzles saying it was the last one. Well, I hope you are snoozing away. Hugs.


Thanks for an interesting puzzle. I always find gradient puzzles are more difficult than they appear :)))


So I see Edie :~)))


Much better :-))


Thanks tootierasmussen - it's always nice to know a puzzle was enjoyed :~)

I can still see you dangling by your fingertips Edie!! I hope you've had some lunch by now!

Welcome trialjudge!! Thanks for stopping to leave a comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Great puzzle, thanks.

I don't know how you folks are so FAST.


If there's a good explanation as to why I found this puzzle so difficult to get together I wouldn't mind hearing it Mandy. The only one that comes to mind is that it's lunch time and I haven't eaten. Just made the board, will be off by the time you see this. May try again after taking in nourishment. Thanks Mandy, fun and challenging.


That was a visual workout but well worth the effort. Thank you.