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Theme: Round Things - Ok, Almost Round, But Too Cute To Be Left Out

40 pieces
161 solves
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I saw where you left a most wonderful comment on one of my new puzzles that I just uploaded, so decided to click on your avartar and name. I was going through your puzzles bookmarking a bunch of them and when I came to this one, I just had to stop and solve it and leave you a comment. I love the title and the picture is adorable!!!! As you can probably tell, I am an avid cat lover. My avatar is my wonderful Bandit. We have two cats, Bandit claims me, and then there is Sophia, a Russian Blue that claims my husband and hate me pretty much LOL I take it you like kitty cats too? LOL

Anyway, thank you for a wonderful puzzle and for bringing a smile to my face :-) Kathy