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Link is a bit rough, as am I!!

International Dance Day is celebrated every year on the 29th April, the anniversary of Jean-Georges Nowverre (1727-1810), the creator of modern ballet. The day was first established in 1982.

We express ourselves through dancing, it's fun and one of the best forms of exercise! It's also a great expression of our cultures - from ceilidh dancing in Scotland to bollywood dance in India.

We all have different tastes and there's got to be a type of dance to suit everyone. International dancing encourages everyone who can take part to get moving!

So whether you fancy trying something new or heading out with some friends for the night, make sure you remember to celebrate!

And remember even if you think you're a bad dancer and the robot move is the best you've got - now's the time to flaunt it!

Remember to return to this page after 10pm (GMT) for a link to preview tomorrow's celebration puzzle!


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LOL Hanne... now you've got me thinking that I'm more of a "Pasodoble through the puzzles" person!! I'll leave the pas de combien for the more gracious and refined members!! TeeHee :~))


Let's tiptoe through the tulips in the most elegant pas de how many are we?? Thanks so very much Mandy!!


I hope you did whatnauts!! Glad you enjoyed this one :~)

Thanks Rosie, you must be very proud of your great nephew, that Irish Step dancing always looks so graceful, but must be incredibly hard work, and as you say lovely to see the youngsters enjoying the old traditional dances.


Another great WK puzzle. Love dancing and watched Dancing with the Stars. But, I have a great nephew who is an Irish Step dancer who danced in another competition this past weekend that I went to watch. He won his individual and the team he is on won their group. He also went to the International Competition over Easter weekend in Boston and came in six in the world for 14 and older. It is so much fun to see the younger generation continue on in a great dance tradition. Thanks, Mandy for this and all of the other WK puzzles.


Perhaps I'll do a little jig later when no one is watching !!! Thanks very much for the puzzle and info, monza :))


Thanks Barb, enjoy watching the dancing!


I'm another one who'll be watching Dancing With The Stars, which is about as close as I get to dancing these days. Fun puzzle and lots of wonderful images, Mandy, thank you. :-)


I never know who's going to show up in these puzzles!! Well spotted Gemstone :~)


I see Graciela in the top row there! LOL


Enjoy your dancing tonight Katie, thanks!

Thanks Edie, I've not actually seen Dancing with the Stars, I may have to go check it out!

I do to PJ, I love the waltz and the rumba myself... but the Viennese waltz is great fun too... as long as my partner remembers to swop the turns!!!


Oh, Mandy - I love dancing. Your puzzle is so charming and you chose such a fine selection of images, thank you so much for helping us celebrate this day.
My favorites are Viennese waltz, tango and six step swing.


I'm with buckeye, Dancing with the Stars is the extent of my dancing enjoyment. Thanks for another great 'Who Knew' Mandy.


It's so much fun to dance! Even though I'm not really very good! I'll celebrate extra while watching Dancing With the Stars tonight. Thanks Mandy!


So you'll be doing the "2 left feet" dance then Francine!!

I love any kind of dancing, but English country dancing is always such fun, and it doesn't matter if you get it wrong!! I'm pleased you enjoyed the framing too, thanks Ardy :~)

I wish there was a dance group near here Magda, I would join immediately. It's such a great exercise and helps to keep one young (I think). It's been a while since I had to chance to go out dancing, I have to just jig along to the radio at home these days!! When I lived in London I used to go out dancing every single night!!


I am in a group of dance lessons for seniors. We dance folkloric dances from all over the world. There is music, there is laughter and fun. The dancing is the least important. 1.Mai we have a reunion of the region's clubs. We will be around 100 ladies (there is only 1 man in the whole of district.). It is great fun, dancing the whole day. Afterwards at home in the evening a hot bath and a pain-killer!!! But it is worth it.


I've done a little English Country dancing which was fun. Line dancing appears to be a real aerobic activity. Interesting day, Mandy. Thank you. Love to watch the clogging. Great images I like your framing on this one too.


This is great ~ from a two-left footed person! :))