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"The Legend of Giants" - Bialystok, 2013

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Natalia Rak is an artist and painter from Poland. Born in 1986, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. A longtime painter, you can find many of her oil on canvas artworks on her deviantART profile.
A couple of years ago Rak started getting into street art murals, doing larger than life portraits with many taking up the entire sides of buildings. Since 2009, Rak has participated in many group exhibitions and street art festivals. You can keep up with her latest developments on her blog, deviantART and Facebook.


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Yup. She's taken a quite sterile, depressing area and brightened it up with the reminder that people with personalities and hearts live here. And, not to worry, I think she actually did anticipate the tree growth given the height of the watering can. :-) Cieszę się, że podobało mi się, Andy.


This is just so remarkably charming, Pat. You could NOT pass up on this one. After a tough day at work, it has got to be somewhat heartening and uplifting for the local residents to see that adorable child in her folk dress standing on her toes, "watering" the tree. It's beautiful - her determined expression, the rosy cheeks, her hair in pigtails. Absolutely perfect. I've already gone back several time to admire the work. I just hope that the tree doesn't grow much taller! Dziękujemy za ten klejnot, rodzaj dama!