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Doubled Up (Smaller)

48 pieces
124 solves
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Up, up and away in my beautiful, my beautiful balloonycopter.........


After 16 hours, granny has finally got me out of this bacon-coated mess........I am now holding on to her ankles for dear life.........................Awaaaaaaaaaay!


Oh, that's a brilliant idea, Rosie! We'll get him coming and going, mentally! LOL!

SLOG and Dogdaze, I will leave it in your capable hands/paws. Thank you for your assistance!

You're right, Aishah! It's a double treat--bacon coated mailman! :-DDDDDDDD


I think it would be rather funny if, one of these fine days, you posted Lela's picture off to the side of the mail slot under the netting. That way the confusion would set in right away when he comes to the puzzle and he won't know how he got there already.


Or better yet, send in the dogs! Hmmm, I wonder if dogs like big bacon flavored ears? I already know how much they dislike mailmen. hahahaha!


That was a most beautifully executed plan, Pat. Lela is trapped. Maybe we should leave him hanging there for a while just to teach him a lesson. : )




Do I smell bacon??


Oh dearie, dearie me!.......Poor young man.......I'm on my waaaaaaaaay............


Oh, dear, did I mention that I coated the net with bacon grease, having run out of WD-40, to make it slip down more easily? Might not be such a great idea to call in rescue dogs--they might treat Lela the way he treats the center of the swirls.....nibble, nibble.....! LOL!

Thanks, Katie, Edie, PJ, Lela, and Katie! Maybe we can get a chairycopter rescue going, because, now that I think about it, what WOULD I do with him once I caught him--you're right! :-)))))))))


Oh, nooooooo! Lela's stuck again! Send in the rescue dogs!


da-da-dee-dee.........."I'm the merry mailman, with the wind behind my sail,
through thick and thin,
braving cold and hail,
I'm a-posting all your m-a-a-i-l"...............dum-de-dum-dum-dum........

Oooh, an empty mailbox!.................Surrounded by a..........Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!


Pat - such fun puzzle - I felt my eyes going Tripled up, LOL.
Neat design,


The trick will be to drop the net on him while he's stuffing the mailbox Pat. Still never sure what to do with him once you have him. Not sure what kind of house guest he would make.


Lovely bars covered in bright fabric... Thanks Pat! :>)


Burglars, Bugosis, bunglers....Quelle Différence? LOL! Are these bars, to keep out intruders, or nets, to trap them? Let's wait to see what happens before we decide..... :-)))

Thanks, Jan, zz, and Aishah!


Oh Merry Mailman, look an empty mailbox just sitting there waiting for you. Just climb through the netting and you can fill it up....hehehehe. : )


I love these type puzzles of yours, Pat, but most of all I love your freehand ones that are a lot like this. Thank you for this one though. :-)))))


Looks like many, many creative and beautiful bars over the window in the back. I was thinking protection from burglars, not Bugosis! Thanks for the fun!


I'll get the teams on standby--thanks for the reminder! Better safe than sorry!

I had just bookmarked that one, after scrolling through "favorites", when I decided to check my own puzzles, and found your comment here. Cool one! Be back there when I'm off the iPad! Thanks, Ardy! :-)))


Good morning, Pat. I assume you have your search and rescue teams ready. I can just see our merry mailman getting stuck trying to get to that center mail slot. Lots of confusing fun. I'm on the board for a few minutes. Thank you.

Thinking of our recent vacation week I posted this. There is also a 64 piece at my profile: