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modern education

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Interesting. My entire experience of University, at two different Universities, at two different points in my life, was never about jumping through hoops to wave a piece of paper at the end and crow. I'm smarter than the rest of you!

It was entirely about reading, listening, (and something more fundamental, but I will get to that) and engaging with other students and our professor in sharing stories / ideas / concepts / interpretations of events, integrating the information we gleaned from that, looking up our own sources for citations to back up our own hypotheses based upon our experience and the collective experience we'd been privy to (whether those of our fellow students, or our grandparents from different countries and cultures, etc), including first person and third person accounts of history... I could go on.

Ultimately the aim was to then take all of this information, chuck it in the blender (the brain), absorb it and synthesize it and stretch our blenders - I mean, brains - to make something out of it all. Something useful. If nothing more, than to have the skills to question the status quo and doubt the motives of those in power, and to think for ourselves, rather than to buy into what we're told.

I did finish at University before there was much more than basic email on line. So maybe things have changed. I doubt it.

Sounds to me like you are talking about the military (do as you're told and question nothing) rather than academia. Because nothing I learned in University was about regurgitating facts (that was high school history) and as for following orders? University definitely doesn't breed that.

So maybe you are talking about American higher education? because it's not like that in any of the other countries I've lived in.

The main thing University teaches is how to think for oneself. At least in the countries I've lived in.

I have met a lot of educated idiots in my day.

Yes, then they're saddled with a humongous debt that they get to spend the rest of their lives repaying...


A piece of paper does not make a person smart! Good one, truck!

It has been said that education is the process where information passes from the book of the teacher to the book of the student ............ without passing through the minds of either.