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THEME ~ Magic of Christmas

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It's the wonderful feeling we get at this time of the year Lee!!! Hope you have a great day too!! :))

santa and his animals look so happy! Have a great day and thanks for the puzzle.


Hi Sue!!! It was a quiet day but mostly good. Bradley was very funny about another dog in the house!! He kept his eye on it. LOL
Happy Boxing Day!!! Your Boxing Day meal sounds very good (not the pickled onions though LOL). A sherry trifle must be soooooooooooo goooooooooood!!! ))))


Ho Ho Ho Joyce...I hope you had a good Christmas day. I saw the picture of the 'Bradley look-a-like', that must have been a lot of fun seeing Bradley eyeing 'himself' up. Today is our Boxing Day which I know you don't celebrate, it gives people an extra day off from work. I will be going to get the tea soon which is cold beef, ham, mash potatoes and peas, my husband will probably add some pickled onions (not for me) then we will have sherry trifle to finish. I'll catch up with you later...Sue