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FOR ODDIO: He Likes His Machines.... Marandoo Mine.... Reclaimer...

24 pieces
100 solves
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That's right and fitting oddio ... They may sound tough but you know Girl's rule.... Bring any sisters to mind? :) :)


Well, Shirlley, most of those names have been pushed off by some tough-sounding names, like blackberry muffin and javasage and foxysomething, etc.!

Thanks for the great pics, Sally. :>)


Thanks pkin, Shirley gave me a chuckle too.... :) :)


Thanks Shirley I just checked out those names on the board... I'm sure you're right there's a miner or two among them... Definitely blokes.... Good spot mate.... :) :)


Don't claim to know anything about mining myself. But had to chuckle at the names Shirley pointed out. Thanks Sally great puzzle


Hi Sally, I would not pretend to know the front from the back of this mining gear, I did enjoy the puzzle though, checkout the solvers names, big joe, treker, truck, scalle, fleetair and robbos, do you think there may be a miner or two there, :) :)