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"Anglian Lady" - one of my old tugs

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I post tug photos regularly, smoky. My other tag is tugman22. Thanks for your comment


I was raised on Vancouver Island, Pacific West Coast, and I used to see these wonderful tug boats out in Juan de Fuca Straight - thank you for bringing back great memories!


Do you look at shipsnostalgia, Bob/Arthur? I do, sometimes, but it is sad to find "old shipmates" that have died. Ah, well!"!!!


It is nice that people enjoy things that I used to enjoy being part of. Many thanks, Heidi.


I suspect as long as people cross the oceans in ships, deep sea salvage tugs will be necessary.

Thanks for sharing these looks into your fascinating life, parrotman!!!

Passenger liner enthusiast


In harbour they are not as necessary as they used to be Bob/Arthur (what shall I call you?) They still have to be on "standby" in case thrusters fail. My work mainly involved long distance towing and salvage and tugs are very necessary for these roles. Did you work on the boats or use them for pleasure? John.

do we use fewer tugs now, with the development of bow thrusters?