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Lobster Plates

80 pieces
32 solves
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The light switch story is hilarious, Quartina. And I love the lobster plates! thank you.


Glad you enjoyed the pictures, Lulu! The robin was made from an artist friend (named Robin) to whom I had given a pack of napkins with the robin! She made it from one of the napkins! The lobster plates are old. The sailing print is also old - 1900's(our son found it in a shed that was being torn down)!
Funny story on the light switch print . . . we had an apartment with a very ugly thermostat right over the dining table - couldn't do anything about it, so we put an empty frame around it for fun! An artist friend saw it and said, "I have just the thing to go with that"! He came back with this print he had made long ago!

Your lobster plates are beautiful, but I really like the lino-print of the regatta. It reminds me of the bookplates of another era, the ones that people put their name on to show who the book belonged to. The painting of the bird is great, too. Is it Oriental in nature? It looks pretty old. The print of the button light switch and receptacle is a lark !! I really appreciate your choices...thanks for sharing, Q.