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Today's walk with Ajinka for Ank and Denise

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This is the view from the forest, it was of much snowing, first roof in the left of photos under the hill is our house. We lost Laura, but we found her home, she escaped us, too cold, frost, wind and snow, in which
weather our princess Laura do not go for walks :-))
I send it also for you Denise maybe you need a little cool :-))


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Thank you very much Ardy, Laura probably has more sense than me :-))))


I like seeing where you are, Jana. It's a lovely place to walk. Laura is one smart dog when it look like this. BRRRRRR is right. Stay warm.


Hi Ank, I am now out of time, I really like Brrrrrrrrrrr, sounds in all languages??. Well, I played in the morning with a shovel and then I cook and I'm still a little frozen :-))))

Thank you gnt very much, stay in warm with your little guy :-))))

Welcome Niccolino, yes our Laura is a very smart dog, we found she 4.5 years ago and still makes up crap, she's a hybrid, do not know for what, but it's very nice. Thank you for your comment :-))))


So glad Laura got home safely - she wanted to get home before you, to find warmth! The sky looks dull in the photo, but it is still so beautiful - even in dull weather, nature can look awesome.


I know it's to cold for me and my little guy lol he goes out to do his duties and then barks to let us know time to get in LOL


Brrrrrrrrr, looks cold Jana. Very cold, I think Laura is very smart, back home soon. I like the photo, you have a lot of space, fresh air. I like that. I went for a walk too in the wood, this afternoon. Then you don't have so much wind, there was still a lot of snow . Our streets are clean at the moment, but we expect new, we will see when we wake up. If so, I will play with the shovel again. Have a nice evening and sleep well. Hugs.


Robbie,watch out for Laura, I love your comments, you are always welcome, I love you my friend, have a nice rest of the day :-))


Very nice puzzle Jana, I came to see you but Laura chased me away!! Hee-Hee.


Thank you very much morenamad, where do you live?


You live in a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing it.


Thank you so much for your comment, I just thought you cool, but for you it's raining and cooled down enough, I love you Denise, have a nice evening in the warm. I also have heat in the fire of the stove :-))


Oh it looks like a very miserable day. You hurry up home and get warm Jana. Ajinka does not look worried and I am soooo pleased that Laura found her way home. Keep warm and cosy and thanks for the picture. Have a lovely evening, with hugs:-)