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Blue and his two girls

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I would love to have a minature donkey, some mini fainting goats and a mini pot bellied pig flkatz but the problem is looking after them all on my own. The summer is manageable but I don't do well in the cold so I think it would be more than I could handle. I'll just stick with my dogs, cats, chickens and one rabbit :-))


Love your title! I had a chicken, and a minature goat, 2 dogs, 3 cats, one owl for one day, a rabbit, and it was so much fun...but you've really got me outnumbered here. :))))


Yes, I'm liking the way the look as well Nicky. Thanks


Very pretty girls too, Edie, for handsome Blue!


Thanks Sally. This was originally the quail pen, then it became the chicks pen who ended up being sold last year. Now this year Billy and Kiki were in it but since they've moved on I gave it to these three. The hope is to eventually integrate them into the big coop with the other standard chickens :-)))


One of the girls appears to be practicing her stare down.... Is she asking for an extra desert... ?? Thanks for the updates today... You have the cleanest looking chicken pens ever.... ★(。◕‿◕。)★


Thanks for your kind words Judy but my troubles are minor in comparison to yours and you still manage to make puzzle that make everyone smile so you really are the hero in my books, hugs and smiles for you :-)))))


Your welcome Barb :-))


Thanks for filling me in Edie. I'm so sorry you must deal with it, but I'm so glad you are still smiling. Looking at the history of your animals has been a wonderful time for me, and I will try to stay current with all of the activity going on. I love your animals and your stories about them. I do hope you find some resting time for your foot too, but I know that is a luxury that cannot always be realized. You're a fine example for how to enjoy life even during strife. Take care and don't break the camera. :-))


Lovely to see Blue and his two girls, Edie. Thanks so much for all the pics today. :-)


Thanks Ardy, Judy and PJ. Yes these three are doing well together. They are standard sized chickens so already much bigger than the bantams of the same age. Not to worry, I'm having a bout of gout. It's painful but manageable with my medication. I try and stay off it and ice it whenever I can but around here that's not too often. Thanks for the good thoughts. It hasn't made me stop smiling :-)))))


So good to see that Blue is watching over his "girls" - he really is eying you Edie!
And how is your foot doing? Speedy recovery wishes is sent!!!


Edie, I love looking at what you've posted. Life is never dull there! Someone mentioned your foot on another puzzle. Are you okay? Should I worry? I do hope it is minor and mends quickly. If you've already explained all, can you guide me to the location? Otherwise, the short version will do. Put me at ease, please. Thanks dear friend. Sending healing hugs and smiles. ❤❤❤


The one girl is posing while the other is a shy one. Blue is definitely watching you. Hope you can have a good day. I'm heading out to school. Thanks for sharing. Love seeing them all.