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FOR Jill... A Thank You For All Your Inspirations.... Golden Orbs.....

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Big spender you are good buddy... Got yourself a piece of history... Was this museum in Key West or the Great Lakes... Museums are fascinating places to visit....

OK, you got me interested.... Looked it up and answered my own question... Key West, as it sank in 1622 off the Florida Keys while carrying copper, silver, gold, tobacco, gems, jewels, jewelry, and indigo from Spanish ports at Cartagena and Porto Bello in New Granada, (currently Colombia and Panama).... Interesting read.... :) :)


I was rather please with this one myself... Its not as shockingly bright as most of mine... I was taken by the shine too... Love those filters.... Thanks, mate.... :) :)


Btw, at the Shipwreck Treasure Museum ( Mel Fisher), they had some of the gorgeous jewelry for sale. I drooled over the fine gemstones found on the ocean floor and ended up paying $5 for a shard of pottery from the wreck,,the Atocha. That was a cool place to visit!


Gorgeous, the gold shines through so brightly, as does all the other lovely colours, a beauty Sally, Thank you.


Its so easy to miss stuff.... We surely don't catch everything ourselves.... The last few days have been busy with family and eating.... Then more eating and more family.... And yes, good buddy, you are my inspiration... I am convinced you like this one.... :) :) Lunch time here.... ((Hugs)) back to ya.... You can spread them around to the grandies... Although I'm sure you never run short..... OK, one for Jim too.... :) :)


Oh, my!! How could Ipossivly could have missed this treasure! My perfection radar must have been turned off........ and it's not only for me but is a Thank You, undeserved in my opinion, but, thank you, dear one! Now THESE are orbs in their finest ador nment! When I first saw the finished puzzle, it reminded me of the breathtaking jewelry I saw on display in a museum. These treasures were part of the bounty recovered from ancient shipwrecks. They were masterfully crafted of the finest jewels and gold..... a description I would give this incredible masterpiece. Definitely one for the Hall of Fame. Itmis hard to believe that I could have inspiredmthis!!Thank you, thank you, dear Sally. (( Hugs))


Hope you all don't run out of superlatives any time soon... You made my day... Thanks so much.... You all are pretty awesome too..... :) :)






I have only one word for this: STUNNING!!! Thanks ;-)



Woah!! That gold is something else, Sally! and the little jewels are gorgeous too. It's orbalicious! Thanks!! :)))