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For a sneak preview of tomorrow's puzzle:

Floral design is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition. Evidence of refined floristry is found as far back as the culture of Ancient Egypt.

Floral design is a proud art form that has spanned thousands of years, with a diversity of styles reflecting varying social, religious, and cultural trends; and is a very unique art form in that it plays an important role in our social interactions, for decorating, establishing and maintaining relationships, and generally enhancing the overall quality of our lives.

Floral Design Day is the birthday of Carl Rittner, who founded a Floral Design school in Boston, over sixty years ago, and who was a pioneer in floral art education. Floral Design Day was proclaimed official in 1995 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Thanks PJ, I'll look at that later, it will be interesting to see how they do it!!


Mandy - there is an interesting YouTube describing the priciples for coloring roses :


Well, Mandy - maybe somebody else knows about coloring roses... ?


Hi PJ - I'm glad you enjoyed this, and sorry, but I have no idea how that rose is made... I wondered that myself! If you find out, let me know!! :~)


Oh Mandy - lovely, delightful, beautiful - and interesting. I was looking at the many-colored rose, do you know anything about how it was made?


Thanks Katie, go happy so enjoyed the flowers today :~)


Thanks Edie, I'm with you on not wasting money on cut flowers... I prefer ones that keep growing, and don't need to be arranged!! However, I do admire the talent of other people.


This is a pretty day Mandy! I love all your images of flowers in such interesting arrangements.


Well I don't feel alone when I say that my flower arrangement skills pale in comparison to my puzzling skills. Non existent would best describe them. I tell my kids not to spend their money on flower arrangements for birthdays and Mother's Day. I'd just as soon pick a big bunch of lilacs from the garden and plunk them in a vase. However, I do marvel at what some people can do with them. Thanks for the fun puzzle Mandy.


You're so very welcome, Elfie :~))


You are right, they made the most fabulous compositions to please the Gods!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


Thanks Ardy, I'll check out Ank's series... I've been enjoying your last hot tip series :~)


Beautiful Mandy. My expertise in floral arranging sounds exactly like the ones described by whatnauts. But I do admire those who can produce such lovely designs. Ank's (puzzeljac) Flower Parade series really fits in today's celebration. Thanks, Mandy. What you are doing is delightful.


Thanks Barb - that's what they look like to me too. I'm pleased you enjoyed the pics :~)


Thanks Magda. There are many adult education courses in the UK, which teach lots of different subjects, including flower arranging, I've attended some, but never any of flower arranging! Maybe if I ever work anywhere that I have access to lots of flowers I would consider it... like a church or hospital.


Thanks Pat - it is amazing - and I am constantly surprised in my research...


Another lovely day to celebrate, Mandy, and I love your images today. Particularly like the bottom floral bear, bunny and lamb(?). :-)


What lovely flower arrangements. I am a bit like whatnauts, like flower arrangement, but am not very good. But there are courses! Only make the effort to look for one. Maybe one day. Thanks Mandy.


This is so cool never dreamed there were so many days to celebrate.... Thanks Mandy


I'm pleased you're thrilled with my preview!! Thanks whatnauts - I have to confess my method of flower arranging sounds just like yours!!


Since I don't see your puzzles until my evening, I'm thrilled that you will be previewing your Who Knew puzzles a little early. I've always been a little jealous of people who are adept at arranging flowers - I'm not very creative and I tend to just plop all the flowers in a vase and hope for the best :)))