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Tick Tock Boxes (Smaller)

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Yes, I think it is what is know as "covering their tushies"! :-))) You have a great day, too!


I agree, the policy is no different, they are just making you think more about it, and probably the change helps protect *them* if someone has enough time on their hands to actually decide to get litigious. Off to work now, have a great day Pat!


I don't think that their policy has changed at all, Marianne; I think that they've just made it clearer, and spelled it out more precisely. But it's the same policy--with the added benefit of finally giving YOU the option to claim your OWN images/photos as protected. (Some of us have had other jigidiers take our puzzles and use them to make their own, without permission, and we complained to Jigidi, which then took them down, so it is good to have that protection.) I've known only a handful of people whose use of an Internet image got them in trouble, and that was only when the artist who owned the image actually saw it on Jigidi and then complained. What I'm saying here is that Jigidi itself doesn't police the images. And, I believe that, unless an image says that ALL rights are reserved, you can use it, with proper attribution.

Please don't stop posting! As I said, the rules aren't new, and if you haven't had a problem before, it's unlikely that you will now. And he worst thing that happens is that Jigidi removes the puzzle and reminds you to get permission next time. Hang in there!


All of the fields asking about pictures sources/copyrights etc is intimidating to me, and makes me not want to use fun pictures I find online to create puzzles. I suppose that is that is the point really, but most of the time if I used a puzzle from a website I would post a comment with the link and figured that as long as I gave credit they wouldn't be mad. Now I'm not sure it's enough. And I don't take enough interesting photos myself. At least not photos that would be good jigs, with bright colors and clarity etc. So not sure if I will create too many after it rolls out. If I had more time it would be fun to learn how to do the 'mosaics' like you do Pat. But I know that just isn't a reality w/ my current work schedule and time constraints.


I'm glad you liked the way it looked--thanks, Mandy!


Pat, I love the mirror effect of this. Thanks.


No, they haven't done it yet, Ardy. And I keep trying out the new version a little bit at a time--I just really don't like the presentation, although they're so proud of that new appearance. Most of the new options are good additions, though, and I'd stay there longer, but I hate the new look--it's so in-your-face and busy! And when I post puzzles, it takes me longer--I have to make sure I do everything, because everything is there at the same time. The old system first asked for the size, then if it should be filtered, then the title, then the category--it gave the prompts one after the other. Now you're just presented with the equivalent of a form to fill in, and it's up to you to remember to check everything relevant...

This was a second attempt at making my own drawing of boxes and then using the mirror/copy function to extend them. I think the first one was better, but this isn't too bad, and I made some variations with added patterns/textures, which will appear later. Thanks, Jan!


Fun, bright, angles, lines, shapes - all together a very nice puzzle. Thanks, Pat!


This took a little longer than I had thought but I love the colorful boxes. I send an email the first day of the "new" and asked for them to put the dimensions of the puzzle back - like this is 8x6. I had a reply today that they can do that. IO haven't checked to see if they have as I'm a character resistant to change and am basically using the "old". I know I should make myself get used to it but....


My pleasure! And I just left a comment on your puzzle myself! A little battle with the higher-ups gets my juices flowing in the morning, it seems...! LOL!


Hurray I made the board!! (That won't last long!!)
Thanks for starting my morning off right Pat!