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Wild Silk Moth - Asia

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My pleasure Monica - glad you liked it. Thanks.


Now this is a really neat Moth! Love his color combination! Very beautiful Rob...Thanks.


Thank you so much tex! We are the lucky ones as we only had a messy yard to clear up. So many are being flooded out for the 2nd time in 2 years. I'm not sure how they can keep carrying on!Extreme weather seems to be the norm these days - it's rather scary.


RR, I'm so sorry your homeland is being plagued with all this, and then heat and fires around the corner. Our lake crested a couple weeks ago and we got 4" in part of one night, but this makes it seem minor, even though a lot of our roads were closed. My prayers and best wishes and greatest energy are being sent to you in abundance.


...and it's reached Sydney & further south!! It's a real mean storm! The whole east coast of the country will have felt its effects!!


Very pretty Moth, Thanks Rob, Glad to hear you are ok, we had about the same rain fall around here, Bundaberg is by far the worst hit Town, but there are many others suffering.


We don't normally either chookie! You have to be careful what you ask for sometimes - we wanted rain after a very dry couple of months - but that storm was WAY over the top!!
Right now we are being 'Serenaded' by a chain saw - neighbours over the road had a big tree with twin truncks split at the base. They discovered it yesterday morning AFTER all the strong winds had eased off. It's only about 3 metres from their house!! So - it's getting lopped & munched today as it's way to dangerous to leave.


You know, rob, we don't get 12" of rain in a YEAR - let alone in 4 days!!!


Thanks Meadowhawk - we're all fine here.


Thanks chookie for the thoughts & for updating everyone. There's so much damage around the SE of the state that it's a bit hard to know where to start describing it!
We went through 36 hours of non-stop gale force winds & driving rain being pelted against the windows, with tree branches flying about the yard. Luckily our big Jacaranda & pine tree only lost small branches - just messy to clean up. We live on a sloping block & our yard was still awash all day Sunday. We had a total of 300mm (12") of rain over 4 days & a 30 hour blackout until 1.30 this morning. Have just cleaned out the fridge & freezer & been to the shops to stock up again. I've been through a cyclone in Nth Queensland in 1972 & this was much, much longer & scarier!!
We're fine tho & so are all our neighbours - so that's the main thing.


I've just heard that 190 patients are being evacuated by aircraft from the Bundaberg Hospital into Brisbane tomorrow morning and 2,000+ homes are under 9.5 metres of raging waters. No matter what TV channel you watch or what radio station you listen to, this is all we are hearing. And to think you were in drought conditions only a few weeks ago. It's just unbelievable what is happening and even worse when you see these shocking images....


I'm loving this moth - what a gorgeous creature!!! Wondering about his antennae though - heheh.
Wow, I didn't know about the flooding etc - I'll have to get off here and check out the news. Hope everything is okay with you, robryan. Sending out a flood of my own - a flood of prayers for everyone.


Oh chookies, that is awful! Praying for all those suffering loss and hardship.


Rob, we're seeing the most heart-breaking images of what Qld and NSW are going through right at this moment - we are seeing homes literally being swept away with the force of the waters, we are seeing patients being evacuated from one major hospital as it's not safe for them being there, we are seeing people being plucked from the tops of their cars, or being plucked from raging waters, we are hearing of people loosing their lives and loosing everything they own. Buildings have virtually been blown away with those 130km winds and so many thousands, who are lucky to have a roof over their heads, are without power - and to think just in the next State of Victoria they are battling massive bush fires.

My heart and prayers go out to you all, rob. I was longing for you to post today - you've just let me know that you have come out of this OK - you're certainly one of the lucky ones!!