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188. Across Canada

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Halifax, Nova Scotia...along the harbour front boardwalk...a restaurant with good food...but smaller portions and a bit pricey

In June we travelled by rail from Vancouver (British Columbia) to Montreal (Quebec) where we spent five nights. We then took an overnight train to Moncton (New Brunswick). Next we drove to Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton (Nova Scotia), and flew home from Halifax.


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Thank you Jillian.


LOL You're welcome, Jill. :)))

P.S. Only two more days of postings.


Great sculpture. "Recycled" in every sense of the word but wouldn't get tyred of it. Thanks Faye fun puzzle.
@ringleader love your story thanks.


It was good, Suzy! Evidently the restaurant is named after a of the owner's favourites. ❤️


An eye-catching piece, for sure!!! Your dinner sounds quite tasty.....and I'm sure that it was well worth the splurge to treat yourselves. :)


It was delicious, Hanne...and we had to wait at least 30 minutes for a table so it is well known locally. :D


That sculpture is very funny Faye - if their food is as good it's worth paying for!! Thanks


A loving follow through, Ardy! ❤️❤️❤️


When I first lived in Maryland my doctor was from Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. We stopped there on one trip. A lovely little place, really beautiful. We went in a gift shop to get a postcard to send to him. The clerk was an older lady who said she had lived there all her life. We told her our doctor had grown up there and asked if she had known of the family. Her reply, "You mean that little boy is a DOCTOR?" She not only knew him but was able to point out his house. We sent him the postcard from that post office and took pictures of this house to show him when we got back.


One must splurge occasionally, Wendy. My philosophy is, "I'm here! And I might not be back...sooo!!!" ;DDD


My late hubby and I were in Nova Scotia in 2007. I refused to leave there until I had Atlantic lobster. The company paid for my hubby's dinner, which was good, because mine was 32.00, and that was 12 years ago. Heaven only knows what it is now. But I'll tell you, it was worth every penny. - Wendy


Our doctor is from Halifax, Ardy, and he recommended this restaurant to us. The "bit pricey" comes from the fact that everything is freshly made. We usually share a meal so we tried the ravioli...and it was so not enough to share...that we ordered a second plate...and shared a dessert! ;)))


Great sculpture. lol Perfect name with it. One can usually do pricey once in awhile. Thanks, Faye. ♥☺♥