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Poor Baby....

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it's been a hard day because Mom vacuumed all over AND washed all the tile floors....he couldn't decide which he hated more - the noise or the wet.


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Oh, yes, Miss Tisket. I'll be there with bells on....and my mom just put in a good supply of 'nip so I'll slip some into my suitcase. See you soon! Your friend, Atsutsa


Tomorrow would be good as tisketsdad will be out shopping some of the time so won't be watching us. Others would be very welcome and if you could bring a little catnip that would be nice. I have plenty of T.R.E.A.T.S. here already.
Hope you can make it.
Love Tisket xx


Miss Tisket, when should I arrange to arrive? Should we invite others? What can I bring to make the day more fun? Your friend, Atsutsa


That sounds a good plan Atsutsa, and don't worry about my mum, she always forgives me in the end and my friends are her friends too.


Oh, Miss Tisket, that sounds just scrumptious. I might be able to handle it next week sometime? I hear your Mum's slow getting around so we could have a lot of fun. But then she might not ask me back again....c'est la guerre. Blessings! Your friend, Atsutsa


Atsutsa why not come over to our house to play when mum wants to clean? You'd be very welcome and I'd even share some T.R.E.A.T.S. with you.
Love Tisket xx


Thank you, Impie and Calluna


I'm back....dinner was lovely if I say so myself☺☺☺

Anne, in the link you posted I saw mine too, but in red....mine is blue, but it's the same vacuum that I have.

I remember you and Bren talking about her "Henry", Nancy. I guess Bren has removed the puzzle, I can't find it either!


Anne, take a look at UK brand Numatic canister vac's, readily available here via Amazon. Can't find the jig Bren @Brie1648 posted last summer of her "Hetty" vac that got me interested, but based on our conversation and some research, I bought the "Henry Xtra". Made in Great Britain to US specs (no need for elec. adaptor). Box had a label indicating a distributor in near Toronto. Much(!) quieter than my ancient Miele canister vac and has terrific suction. And, as silly as it sounds, he makes me smile. Took a bit of getting used to, as the attachments were different/varied from before. Does an excellent job on my short/medium pile carpet, rugs, floors. Couldn't be happier.

That said, it'll also depend how sensitive the cats are. I definitely noticed a difference in the sound of the motor.

The only thing I've heard about Roomba's and the like is that some cats like to ride them. ;-P

Lots of reviews at the link:


Of course, Impie, I didn't mean to slow you down. Clearly from searching the internet, AEG comes up as Anschutz Entertainment Group...will continue to try. See:

That was one of the tougher searches. Still with that information I'm not finding it in the US and I'm not surprised....wonder if the UK delivers it to us.


Hi Anne, the brand name is of my vac is AEG. (I guess it's a European brand name) AEG V8/Xsilence.

If you'd excuse me for not replying for a while now ,I'm heading downstairs and prepare dinner!


Betty and Impie, all I could find at Amazon was a robotic vacuum that promises quiet. Is there a brand name, Impie? I've wondered about the robotic vacuum discs and how they work on heavy, deep pile carpet?


Good Luck!

Cool! I'll see what I can locate and let folks know.


Hope you'll find one, Betty..... according to the manual mine produces only 58 decibels 'noise'.

Don't know whether they are also for sale in the US....I have an AEG V8/Xsilence...

Oh Sweetie, the West Texas Kids completely agree with you, those M.O.N.S.T.E.R.S. need to be banned ! Or so they think. ☺☺
What a great Idea, Impie!!! I'll have to do some research and fine some low noise choices.


Oh Atsutsa, I know how you feel. Our Gwendolyn used to run and hide as soon as she heard the vacuum cleaner being taken out of the closet. Cecily, on the other hand, would sleep on the bed while we vacuumed all around her!


Thank you, Mrs. Impie. I'm glad you understand and I miss Goofie as we used to compare vacuum noise at parties. I'll pass along the "silent" vacuum idea. Your friend, Atsutsa

Thank you, Mrs. calluna, I had a very quiet night until 5 AM when those dogs started barking their fool heads off. Your friend, Atsutsa

Thank you, Ms. EllaMB, mom did quite but she didn't give me extra treats....maybe a brief cuddle though. Your friend, Atsutsa


Poor poor boy...those M.O.N.S.T.E.R.S. with their noise, must've been invented to annoy kitties as pay back time for shedding fur, right, Atsutsa? ♡
I guess most kitties can relate to your fear of it, Goofie used to make himself scares for the noise,too!

Anne, couple of months ago I bought a "silent" vacuum cleaner....what a differene, you can hardly hear it !! Both Liertje and I have Tinnitis and the noise of my 2000 Watt vac had almost become unbearable to us. After a TV add we went on a mission.... and bought a new vac of 650 Watt, it's silent but it has more cleaning power than the old 2000 Watt vac did, which seemed to make more noise than it had power! ;))
It's now almost a pleasure to vacuum my home and whilst busy I often think I wish I had this vac when Goofie were still here, I think he wouldn't have been scared of this one.


Poor baby, indeed. Tango, the tuxedo in my avatar, loathed the vac....just hid far away from all the noise. Wimsey is more relaxed about it, but even he will depart to some quiet corner far away until mum stops with all that nonsense. Hope you have a quiet night, sweetie! :-))

Oh Atsutsa, I'm so sorry you had a rough day. It's really scary when that roaring monster comes out of its hiding place, isn't it? Maybe mom will make it up by giving you a little treat.