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Happy Birthday dear Bella (Sharon72's dog)

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Three years old already, Bella, how time flies! I'm throwing a pets' party for you Bella, and lots of Jigidi pets are on their way to celebrate your birthday with you. Don't be surprised to see some cats arriving and even a couple of koalas. Like you, they're all part of our Jigidi family.
As you can see, I've already made sure that there are enough bones for everyone. Of course, there'll also be goodies for the other pets and their humans who are not great fans of chewing bones. I've decorated the party venue with 50 balloons and hope you'll enjoy popping them (like my former dog Micky used to do) when the celebrations are over.
But first let's all wish dear Bella a bowwow day and a long, healthy and happy life. Cheers! ♥♥♥


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But still in time Yvonne, doggies don't mind. ☺


O no!! I missed the party!! Happy belated birthday Bella!! Hope you got lots of treats!! A smooch from Ollie and cuddles from me! :))))


So nice that you also came to the party. Nev, Barry, Pat and of course Bella's mum. Hi Sharon. ☺ It's nice to read about your Bella and her toys. I love to read that you will print the card and the comments. Well next year I will make her another card. BTW Sharon, do you realize that I don't have your date. If you like I will make you a card too but then you have to add your date.
Okay, let's celebrate a bit more, let's take another drink. Have fun friends. ♥☺♥


Sorry I missed the party, haven't been on in a few days. Hope you had a great birthday with many treats and presents. Cute card Ank.


Thank you Nev and Marge. Bella thinks Barry is cute, but she wants to bring him home and put him in her little bed where she snoozes during the day with her big black cat that was her boy's bedtime snuggle toy when he was little. Now SHE snuggles with her boy at night in his bed. Once again Bella wants to thank everyone for coming to the party and bringing so many good wishes, treats, and toys.Bella's mom is printing a copy of the pretty card and the nice comments to put in her scrapbook.


Bella, I've been away on holidays, but always love to attend parties for my fellow pets. I've brought my own gum leaves (I like special ones), and was so happy to hear your Birthday was a happy one. Your mate, Barry Koala (and Nev & Marge too, of course). ♥♥♥
Ank, always love to see what you come up with for a card for our pets. ♥♥♥


Bella thanks dear Ank for the beautiful card. She was so excited that Ank made it just for her and with her picture on it too! She is having so much fun at the party Ank arranged for her. She loves playing with all the jigidi pets, even the cats, and meeting their humans. She was a little scared at first of the balloons because she had never played with one before, but she is catching on. She says her chew bone is very tasty. She wants to thank each of you for your good wishes and the treats and toys. Squeaky toys are her very favorite thing in the whole world, next to her boy. She is jealous of Ank's Bella's pretty curls and she agrees with Lia that she and Bambi might be distant cousins. She is so happy to be a member of the wonderful jigidi family.and wants to give you all soft kisses and happy tail wags.


So good to see that you came to celebrate with Bella, Bev Rita Carrie and Fred. I'm sure loves all the attention. ♥



Happy Birthday Bella!! Now go pop those balloons! ;-))


♪♪Happy birthday Bella ! I brought a squeaky toy for you and I hope you like it. The more you play with it, the more noise it will make. And I see that someone else brought you one of those food cubes that you push with your nose and every once in a while a piece of food drops out. Lots of fun!


Happy 3rd Birthday Bella. You are quite the cutey! From Rita in Florida, USA.

Happy Birthday and many more ….Enjoy!


Welcome to Bella's party Lia Pam Bella Lena Linda Jackie Anny Lorna Jason Impie Faye Linda and Michelle. I hope you all have a bag full with treats for little Bella. Sweeties like her deserve to be spoiled. ☺ Bella I hope that your mum takes care for that. Have a fun day. ♥☺♥


Happy Woofs sweet bella - Ank this is an absolutely delightful birthday puzzle xx hugs to all


Happy third birthday,, Bella, I hope you're having a great day with lots of long walks, tasty treats and nice new toys.
Woof woof! ♥


Happy Birthday, Bella...and happy year...may they both be filled with good food, lots of treats, loads of snuggles, and oodles of ear scratches. ❤️


Happy 'Woofy' Birthday, Bella....woof! :-)


Happy Birthday Bella :-)

Hope you will receive lots of treats today :-))


Happy Birthday Bella. Enjoy all the birthday treats and have a great party! Birthday woofs from George & Elsa too.


Happy Birthday Bella hope you get spoilt , my furbaby [ Diesel blu ] sends you a big woof too xxx

happy birthday bella, I hope you get a lot of treats and doggie presents.


Happy Birthday, Bella. May your special day be filled with treats, walks and belly rubs! Love the card!


Happy Birthday! I wish you happiness, good health, love and just everything your heart desires:))


Waf waf woof bowwow dear Bella, happy birthday. Isn't this funny, we have the same name and are the same age. ☺ Have a great day, I hope you will be spoiled. Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Wishing you a Woofing Good Birthday, Bella!! :-))


Happy birthday dear Bella!
Isn't it special having a doggy birthday on jgidi!
Thanks to your mum and aunt Ank and of course her Bella.
My Bambi looks a bit like you, so you must be very, very distant relatives
and she'll love to come to your party, although she is older than you and
therefore less playfull! She'll love the doggy bones!

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