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Saturday's Flowers #2

100 pieces
280 solves
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Thank you so much, Grace. And speaking of which, I need to visit your beautiful puzzles once again. I've been running way behind lately, and have only made time to visit a few of my 'regulars.'


Wendy this puzzle is just beautiful! And great fun to piece together! Thanks :)


Thank you, Mariasha. On a side note, I mentioned you in my Eye Chart puzzle comment section. ;-)

I love the ribbon-y stems and I also love the background...great colors...thanks Wendy.


Ardy, the one with the white background was the first, and probably only puzzle that I'll create like that. But I just felt like a change, and the flowers looked kind of nice with the white. I'm glad you think they're both beautiful. I think so too. :-)


This is a really lovely background for your flowers. But the flowers are more visible on the white background. Both were a fun solve. Even the 100 pieces wasn't really difficult. Guess it depends on what you want to be a focal point. Thanks, Wendy. No matter what they are both beautiful puzzles.


PJ, that wouldn't be a hint now, would it? ;-) I don't know why, but when figuring out what background to make in the other one, I thought that for just one time I would keep it blank (white).
I hope you managed to suffer through it. LOL

I'm delighted that you enjoyed this one, Pat, whatnauts and chilisand. :-)


Wonderfully fanciful flowers, thank you.


Wow, these flowers are great, Wendy.


Wonderful flowers/pinwheels, Wendy! Beautiful colors--and the background is really great! :-)))


Wendy - I'm just telling you how much I love the gradient background for the creative "Wendy-flowers" - will solve the small one.


Barb, I know exactly what you're talking about.....but I haven't seen any for years. I used to love hanging them outside the car window trying to make sure they didn't fly out of my hand, but at the same time enjoying them move with no effort. I don't know if I should be happy or sad that this was a challenge for you. LOL


This was quite a challenge for me this afternoon, Wendy, but lots of fun. These flowers remind me of the handheld windmills we had as children. Do you remember those? :-)