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Size of Australia compared to USA

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Wow, I didn't know we were so similar in size! : )


Ank, I have left a message on one of your postings....thank you for introducing yourself to me and adding my name to your favorites list - you already are on mine and have been for some time:)


I love my Jigidi History lessons. :) thanks everyone.


Hi chookies
Shirley told me to look at your page, for this puzzle. I knew that Australia is big, but not that it is this big with so little inhabitants. Thanks for showing and telling.I promised myself no more favorites to add. Because I always run out of time, but now I looked to your puzzles and well I did add you. It will not be possible every day but you will see me often. My name is Ank (woman), I live in the Netherlands, provence Friesland. Netherland is just a small country. From North to South by car a little more as 3 hours, from West to East, some less as 2 hours. In this small country we live with 17 million people. I live in a part where is still some space, the North. In the West ( I used to live there) you can walk over the heads of people.


My husband was just watching a Croc Lumley production DVD on Pandy Station out near the Birdsville Track, he can't remember the exact size, but it is thousands of square miles, they run 6,000 head of cattle, and catch and break brumbies, it only rains every 3 years, and the water supplies last 2-3 years, when the waters dry up, they sell the stock,wait for rain and restock, a very isolated, and hard life.


By the sounds of it, the Americans/Canadians had no idea we were sure a large continent and they were shocked by the comparisons. I don't think they realize either that there is nothing but isolation and desert in the middle of our country, apart from Alice Springs of course. Our large cities are along the coastline and that's where we are populated the most. I found this comparison very interesting myself. Thanks for your comments:)


Thank you, chookies, this is very interesting, never seen a comparison like this, I rather live in a country of 23 million, then one with 313 million, that's a lot of people! I like my space.:):)


Thanks for popping in, morris:)


Very interesting, chookies!! Thanks.


I just saw a picture of your little grandson, Katz - and what a precious little darling he is - it's no wonder you're relieved that they come back to their home country:)


You're very welcome, chookies-they truly loved your country,but the summer climate was not for them and as we are a very close family, Emma and I are especially relieved that they decided to settle here!!!:)


You're welcome, pkin - glad you dropped by:)


I would say they are about the same size. Love the puzzle thanks Chookies


Oh gosh, the weather would've been horrid for them - and your daughter drove through the Nullabor Plains with limited driving experience and Rob with back problems. I take my hat off to her - she was one gutsy young lady. I feel very sorry for the English when they come here on holiday, our summers can knock them around a lot, to the extent that they can't get home quick enough. Thank you, katz, for sharing that story with me...:)


Well I can tell you Emma didnt get on with the hot weather (as we live in the UK we are not used to it!!!) but she loved her travels and made some lasting friendships along the way. She travelled with her partner Rob, they flew to Sydney but soon moved on as it was so expensive. They stopped in so many places, working to top up funds (she was just 19 at the time and he was 26 and this was 7 years ago!) Whilst out there he suffered a bad back so Emma had to drive the Nullabor Plane with only a few months driving experience! They loved the whole Australian experience,but are now settled in the uk with their gorgeous son who is just 2 years old- a couple of photos of him on my jigidi, so im thrilled they "came home"!!!!!


Katz, I'm so glad you dropped by to tell me that....she would've seen some wonderful sights on her travels. Every State is different and have different climates and I hope she survived our dreadfully hot weather. How did she travel?


An interesting puzzle, though I have never been to Australia it took my daughter a year to circumnavigate your wonderful country and she loved every minute!!


Oh, it's been SO quiet without you PG - It's nice to have you back!!


Well I'm glad I educated you PG, and yes, we do have our own lingo and when I think of something that will make you stratch your head, I'll say it but I can't think of anything at the moment - but give me time...haha!!!


I thunked hop hop land was much larger then the US and they talk funny too. I guess it is because they are always up side down. If you want to have a good chuckle play scrabble with the brits. I use my dictionary and they use theirs. Don't think we get past the first words and we have a challenge. I keep telling them they might have invented the language but we got it fixed and as far as Australia is concerned they just made a mess out of either version.


Very good comparison! Australia is truly a grande country!


Oh, sorry buckeye - Forgive me, I should've called you Katie:) Thanks again for stopping by:)


Buckeye, I'm so pleased to be able to bring a little education into the world of Jigidi - we learn so much from what we see and what others say about their countries and their lives... I just love to learn, I can't get enough of it but I do have a lot of trouble with the way the Americans talk !! They lose me along the way!!!


Thanks for both your interests, tex and chickie - it's interesting that you didn't know we are such a large Continent....


This is so interesting chookies. I love that you never know what you'll learn about next at Jigidi! ~Katie in Ohio, USA


I was thinking the same thing as Katerin2. Flip it over and it is almost a perfect fit! Thanks chookies!


I didn't realize it was so big either. Also didn't know it was so sparsely populated compared to us, either. Thanks for the education, Chooks!


The population of Australia is nearly 23 million compared to 313 million in the States (2012 stats)

Thanks for your interest tomleetec, Katerin2 and marylynsim - I'm so glad you dropped by:)


This puts the true size in perspective.

That's really interesting - looks like we are probably pretty close in square miles although the USA would have an edge cause we have more spots not covered by Australia...


Great graphic. I didn't realize Australia was so big. Looks like if you turned it upside down, they would be similar shape too.


But it looks so small out there all by itself.