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Climbing is one of my hobbies

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Thanks Tek. She is very good in posing. Not every dog can. I remember a dog I had, I wanted a photo in a special pose. Something like Micky makes here. I have been busy for half an hour, but it did not work. To Micky you just say, you have to pose and she makes everything you want. And she likes to do. Yes she is sweet and lovely.


Micky is striking a very pretty pose. She's sweet.


Thanks Jana and Suzy. And you know, she always find her way everywhere. When I don't know from which direction I should, I say we go back. And it points the way.
Yes Jana next week frost again. Today is already much colder, but I do some garden work.


She is looking out over her world. Such a good scout, she is!


Thanks my dear, I love your comment, I am very often call my dog girls tits :-)))) Have a wonderful evening, with Micky sleep tight and sweet dreams my faithful friend, I love you, but do not work too hard on your garden , there's still time, next week to freeze again :-( ((((((


Thanks dears, I'm glad you all love my little doll. I often called her a mountain goat but nowadays I don't think she can climb a very small Alp.


Fine Micky, you do it well. Fine picture.


Great picture!! Thank you Ank. What a wonderful doggie friend!!


Keep climbing Micky you will be ready for the tallest mountain in the Alps and make world history.


When you see Micky like this, it is almost as if she were wishing she was a mountain goat! She is so very adorable. Thanks, Ank!


Hi friends, sorry I'm late. I have been working very hard today. My poor back, but I'm still alive. I'm glad you all like this photo. I don't know where she was looking for, she just likes to climb. Ardy I'm very sorry to hear, I really hope you don't lose your power. Stay in my friend.


She is on lookout duty... Love it thanks Sis.. Hugs


I love it! Thanks, Ank!


And where is Ank, climbing rope wound around or working hard in the garden ? :-)))))))))))))))


But it's necessary when you are not so big!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


What a cute dog!!


Oh how cute And. Thanks for sharing.


Might that be a duck in the water you ware watching so intently, Micky? You are posed so nicely. Thanks, Ank.

Big storm in my area today, Ank. Will probably lose power as the 6-9 inches of heavy, wet snow descend during the day. All schools are closed. Even the Federal government has called for only essential personnel. If I disappear assume that's the reason as I have no plans to leave the house except to shovel of course.


A hobby, but also one of Micky's many talents Ank! She is just so cute!


Checking out who's on the water, you do have a lot of hobbies Micky! Thanks Ank.


Micky you look truly beautiful and majestic up there!!! What or who are you looking for, is mommy coming around the corner in her boat?


Hello Micky , so you are a big climber :-)))) Ank this is so sweet and lovely, thank you so much. HUGS


I'm in charge around here and don't you forget it!


Oh, Micky, you are adorable. :-)


Good morning, small but great climber Micky :-))))))
Ear to ear = ear :-))))))))))))))) ear. Good morning Ank, you've made me happy with a beautiful photo of Micky. I want to wish you a very nice day, a big hug my faithful friend :-))))