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A Merry Christmas to everybody and thank you for a marvellous time in Jigidi :)) I

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Thanks Mandy, reading your comment put a big smile on my face :))))), it has been a wonderful time here on Jigidi and, knowing you and all the other Jigi"dears" as PJ calls them, has been a real pleasure. It is always fun to talk to you and to hear from you and the days pass much more quickly with your company here in Jigidi. :)).
Thanks for all your visits and lovely comments here and I only wish I had the time to correspond, but that will have to wait until the summer holidays. :)) I always makes me smile to see you have been visiting.


Even though late, the same to you PJ, thanks for coming round. :))


Dagmar, thank you so much for all your lovely puzzles, and for your Christmas wishes. Like you I knew no-one on the site last year, and its been amazing getting to know such a lovely group of people, yourself included. I wish you a wonderful holiday and many fun times with your loved ones during the festive season... and I look forward to continuing to visit in the New Year.


Thanks, very nice puzle greeting - and Merry Christmas to you Dohun,


You are very welcome to join everbody here, it is alway nice to know that somebody enjoyed my puzzles and it is wonderful to get so many Christmas wishes. :)) Thanks for your lovely comment and for dropping by, you are always welcome and I also want to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. :))


Hi Whatnauts, thanks for your Christmas wishes again :)) and thanks for all the wonderful comments you have left me. Every morning when I open my Jigidi page you are waiting for me, smiling at me with your funny face and making the start of the day a bit more enjoyable. It's much easier to start a long day with a smile on the face. :)) Thanks for everything and have a wonderful time. :))


Thanks for all your wishes Mary and your always lovely comments when you come round to my place. It has been a pleasure meeting you and I gladly give you my Christmas tree to dance around. :)) Have a nice time with all your family and friends and enjoy yourself. :))


Terrific, Joy-Filled Puzzle! May I join all in wishing YOU a very Merry CHRISTmas? !
Best to you in 2013


This is wonderful Dohun. All the attention to the detail of the tree bulbs and presents makes this a very special Christmas wish. Once again, I wish you a wonderful Christmas and thanks for all the puzzle fun you have provided.


Dagmar, what a thoughtful puzzle to post! Love it! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! Hope your holidays are the best! And thanks for a wonderful puzzle and a fun solve! I don't have a Christmas tree so I'll dance around yours! LOL


Sorry Ardy, I don't know how I managed to skip your wonderful comment, I suppose it was that I saw you double LOL and that it's nearly midnight again after a very long day. :)) Don't you worry about your Marry, I have written a lot tonight , and I'm sure there is more than one mistake, starting with overseeing your comment. :))

I suppose my bird puzzle was deleted due to small solve rates, when I knew Kirsten I only had been posting for a very short while and not many people came round to my place. I had been around Jigidi much longer than you before signing in. I have been one of those not much loved guests that dropped in once in a while to do some puzzles at night. I had never signed in anywhere and I didn't really know what to do or if it was good to do so, so I put it off for a long time. But finally my curiosity was stronger than my reluctance and here I am enjoying all your company.

As I have often told you, even if I don't have time to sneek in to do some puzzles. I always watch out for you, if you have dropped by and if you haven't come I'm wondering what you might be doing. :)) Hearing from you makes everyday life a bit more interesting and is always something to look forward to. So here I also want to thank you for always being here and for your friendship. :)) Last Christmas I also didn't know about all the fun, warmth and friendship I was missing. :))

And here goes another novel. :))

See you again soon and have a wonderful holiday. :))


Thanks Leet, and you have always made me smile with your comments, your positive feedback was always very welcome, it is always nice to know that the things you do are appreciated. :)) Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. :))


Thank your Chickiemama you are always welcome. :))


The same for you Hester. How many laughs have you, Freddy and especially Growly given to me. Many nights when I was horribly tired or during an awfully boring day have your funny comments made me laugh or smile, making the days brighter. Thanks to you as well for your friendship and for coming round and making me smile. :)) Have a wonderful Christmas yourself and I'm looking forward to Growly's adventures during the holidays. I'm sure he's up to something. :))


Hi Gail, thanks for your lovely comment, you always make me smile and you are yourself very good in changing a dreay day into something agreeable with your words. :))
I'll be back for New Years Eve, which we always celebrate all the family together, and I hope that next year you'll enjoy the same. :)) Here it's always a bit crowded and noisy and sometimes a nuisance but it's also fun and with lots of laughter and good moments, that we can remember. :))
I also will miss you and your wonderful bright colours and cheerful way of looking at life, but I promise that I'll make loads of new puzzles that I can post in the new year. :))


The same to you Hipgranma, I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with all you family and loved ones. Thanks for dropping by and you are always welcome and it's very nice to know that you enjoy my puzzles. :))


Hi Kirsten, I remember very well how we got to know each other. You were the first person I talked to in Jigidi and it was a wonderful experience. I've never been on any other Internet site before, so when I decided to register here and when I finally talked to you it was a first intent to contact with a world outside my world. :)) (I hope you understand LOL, even though my skill writing comments has improved since the beginning, late night times still don't help much to make myself clear. :))

Since then I have come to know many other wonderful people from all over the world here, but you always will have a very special place as you were the first person who invited me in, into this wonderful world of puzzle fun - creating and solving - and the fun of exchanging ideas and parts of our lives. Every day I'm here I learn someting new and interesting or I simply have a good laugh. Thanks for everthing, your warm welcome and friendship made all these things possible for me.

And here goes the novel again. LOL

I hope you will have an agreeable Christmas together with your family and friends.


Dagmar - That's an error I've never made before MERRY CHRISTMAS. I don't need you to wed the day. Don't know why I didn't catch that this morning.

Have a happy holiday--you have brightened my year with your work.


Merry Christmas to you also Dohun.


Thankyou Dagmar for all the fun you've given us this year and for your warmth and friendship! Have a wonderful Christmas! :-)))


Marry Christmas, Dagmar to you and yours. Enjoy your holidays in the mountains. I got carried away reading the comments here and following Kirsten's links but discovered that the link from her Australian birds puzzle to your Spanish birds puzzle took me to an empty spot. Too bad. That was all before I signed into Jigidi. I had been doing puzzles for about a month before I signed in. I have a fear of signing into anything on the internet but was reassured by another user. It's hard for me to realize that last Christmas I didn't know any of you existed. I love Jigidiland.

Thank you for your greeting, your puzzles, and your novels and for being you. How about a family picture at your Christmas. You could email it to me. Have a safe and restful holiday. Hugs


Merry Christmas to you and your family, Dagmar. It's been so nice knowing you. Your encouraging words and cheerful attitude has made my day sometimes when I'm down. How long are you going to be away from Jigidi for the holidays? I'll miss your puzzles and wonderful stories.


Merry Christmas to you & family too Dohun, thank you for your lovely puzzles


Thank YOU for the beauty and the fun, Dagmar! It's hard to believe that we connected only 9 months ago, during the Theme: Australia week! Remember how much fun we had exchanging pics of home? I'm so glad you made a comment on one of those puzzles. :)))

I hope you have a lovely time with your friends and family, in the mountains. And look forward to your return to your Jigidi family in 2013. Thank you for your friendship, your amazingly warm "novels" and your artistic skill. :)))


The same to you Robbos have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Thanks for dropping by. :))


Thank You Dohun.
May you have an enjoyable Christmas.