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THEMES ~ Circles ~ cracked œuf [link to smaller puzzle inside]

80 pieces
205 solves
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This is an old rerun. Enjoy!

Here is a link to the smaller puzzle:

I've been asked to create small puzzles by a few people. Whenever I put a link to a 12 or 16-piece puzzle inside the smallest publicly posted puzzle instead of creating a public one, not one person solves them. I'm thinking of not posting smaller ones any longer. If I'm going to do the work of creating them plus posting the link, I'd like at least three solves.


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Snigger! :-)))


That comment was such a dog, Hester, that I can hear it barking now ~ w-oeuf w-oeuf w-oeuf....


Oh, Hester, you've out-lowed even yourself! Groan is right. Careful what you wish for. I can always make you a dozen egg-splashed puzzles for you to work on when you should be sleeping.


Lots of fun! Thanks, Gail :)


En-oeuf is en-oeuf ( in my best Inspector Clouseau accent! ) but one of these puzzles is not en-oeuf for me ( groan! ) Thanks, Gail! :-)


You're welcome. And your comments are very much appreciated, Joanne.


Cracking puzzle! Thank you very much. Your puzzles are very much appreciated :-)