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Five abandoned newborn puppies

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I found them and call Animal Aid Center-they take them away and they found a new Mammy. Hope to go these days to see them.


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Aaaw so cute - how can people just abandon these little helpless puppies? It beats me. Surely they could take the time to find homes or give them to a rescue centre? So glad they are going to good homes where they will each be cared for and loved. Thank goodness you found them and called the animal rescue centre, Jana - a wonderful act of kindness.


Thank you very much Sladjana:-))))

Thank you and God Bless you for saving these little ones. I feel sorry for their real Mommy. They should have her fixed. People who could abandon an animal are not HUMAN. At least the pups have a chance now because of YOU.....Janine.


Thank's for the rescue.


People who do this should be punished by law, but they aren't, and that is too bad. It makes
me so mad to see this happening more and more. First of all - all animals should be fixed,
no babies, and if they do get pregnant, give the babies to a shelter. Glad you found them,
and they are taken care of. Thanks.


Thank you for the rescue sladjana. This seems to be happening a lot lately and is so evil.
Have a good weekend :-))


You are an angel to save these puppies. Hopefully they find their forever homes.

How could anybody abandon little ones? So glad you rescued them. Hope they find a good home. If you go to see them, please let us know how they're doing.

Mommy must miss the something awful.


Poor wee things. Good for you, sladjana! Blessings on all of you.