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Fried Egg With a Side Order of Something Strange

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Kathy, I hope your operation was a complete success....and that the pain pills are working. I'm glad that you managed to solve this puzzle during your recuperation. :-)

I'll visit you in a bit. :-)


I followed your link to this one, and I like you, think it is lovely!!! I love the colors in it and thw swirls. Hopefully it will stay active for a long time to come for others to enjoy also. Thanks for referring me to this lovely puzzle. (The pain pills are beginning to kick hopefully I will be able to finish my reguards on the puzzle that you referred me to with this one. At least I was awake long enough to solve this one and enjoy it!!!


For anyone interested- I created this puzzle from the "Bars" puzzle believe it or not.


whatnauts, I agree with you that poached and soft boiled eggs are very similar.
Actually, when I first didn't mention deviled eggs it's because they have to have additional ingredients added to them...although fried and scrambled have to have butter in the cooking process. But anyone who hasn't eaten deviled eggs before, should. They're delicious.

Jan- I love quiche Lorraine and now my mouth is watering! I never heard of Croque-monsieur before...and for others who don't know, it's a grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

Mandy and Katie, I thought it was food coloring that I added but I like both of your choices better.

Pat, my son makes the best deviled eggs. When he makes them I always steal at least two halves and he always notices that they're gone. hehehe

Mr. Bugosi, thank you for identifying the little green things. I was really confused as to what they were, especially after Pat had said they were olives. Seeing as how there were no pimentos though, I figured she must be wrong. LOL


All this talk of eggs is making me crave some and I just finished eating!! I'm not fussy about hard boiled eggs unless they're mixed in something like egg salad or potato salad. I'm chuckling at monza because soft boiled eggs are such a pain to cook, so I usually have poached instead - to me they are very similar.


Ah yes!......Thanks for the description, pd-birthday-now-over.......(Mrs.Bugosi tells me I have had them at parties!)......


My favourite way of serving eggs is in an egg custard - the only way I don't like eggs is poached!!! But I've learnt something new from Pat, thanks, I didn't know what a devilled egg was. It looks as though this egg is served with pickled red cabbage!! Thanks Wendy.


I think "peculiar" was an excellent description, lela! And that's not what deviled eggs are--we have pickled eggs here, too, which used to be a staple bar food. Deviled eggs are hard-boiled eggs cut in half the long way, not through the "equator". The yolk is then scooped out and mixed with your choice of seasonings, like mayo and mustard, and then scooped back into the white halves, and sprinkled with paprika. My mother made the best ones, and I even have a plate especially for them--it has 12 oval depressions in it to nestle the eggs in.


What fun - both the puzzle and the comments. "Croque monsieur" and "Quiche Lorranie" are two of my favorites.


I take it deviled eggs are what we call pickled eggs.......i.e. pickled in vinegar (with spices) for ages........LUV 'EM!......
As to the green things, they are actually in actuality Bonga-Bongan Doo-Doo eggs, which are a delicacy.......(The Doo-Doo is a distant relation of the Dodo, and is peculiar to our fair island)......


And here I was thinking you'd diluted beet juice.


Oh, geeeeez, again, Pat! I just realized that you're talking about the olives in my puzzle...but there's no way that Pepto Bismol is in any way part of this puzzle. It's cancer causing food coloring that's in there....which I am assuming is much better for your health than Pepto Bismol.


Katie, it's a Universal Law that has been accepted by all nations. Eggs must be eaten with toast....but then everyone knows that.

Oh Geeeeez, Pat! I forgot about deviled eggs! How could I do that? My son boils a dozen at a shot, makes them deviled, and then eats them all. I don't know how he stays slim...but he does.

Pepto Bismol? I'm getting sick to my stomach!


I love eggs--you left out deviled and in egg salad--but I love your new word more! :-). I even like them served with 2 olives skewered on a toothpick and floating in a pool of Pepto Bismol... Well, as a puzzle, anyway! LOL!


Got to have toast no matter how they're cooked. I like eggs all different ways too.


Hi Katie- that's very possible....and in fact, now that you've mentioned it, I believe even more strongly that you're right. LOL
I love eggs too....and can never decide what kind I like best- scrambled, fried, hard boiled, soft boiled, omeletized*, poached....
What never ceases to amaze me is how different eggs taste, and all depending on how they're cooked.

* New word


Hi Wendy, maybe a fruit from Bonga-Bonga. Anyway, now I'm hungry and I love eggs. Thanks for a fun puzzle!