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"Vintage Games" By Ravensburger...... A Delightful And Challenging Jigsaw Puzzle

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494 pieces
66 solves
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  1. TheresaF1:15:19
  2. Bobe3231:34:17
  3. puzzleme21:43:59
  4. bucy1:49:01
  5. jigjammer2:06:13
  6. margetelfer72:08:39
  7. sally19522:10:52
  8. RocketFan2:11:37
  9. brise2:25:53
  10. SuperDon2:26:04


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@TheresaF Wow! Unbelievable......
Sure would love to borrow your talent for a day!
Thanks for the solve.



You are a quick one, thank you so much for the visit and solve, I don't know how
you all do it, but you do. Do come for another visit, I am also Bibliophile, so if
you like to read, you might like to visit that puzzle page too. Doll



I was just talking about you 4 hours ago, so glad you decided to visit and solve
this delightful jigsaw. Doll


@UnoU1it Thanks for spending over 5 hours of your life on this puzzle, it was
a good one wasn't it? The time went by quickly and I hope others will solve
it too, there are members on jigidi that have such an alert eye and 'photographic'
memory, not to mention their nimble fingers. They constantly amaze me as
how quickly they are able to solve a jigsaw. Doll

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