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Write a Caption! cows & cars

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Bonnie - we really have to give credit where credit is due. Without all of the great captions that you all write, it would be just another picture (puzzle)! I am very grateful that so many of you visit every day. I just wish I were as creative as you all are!!!
So a big and hearty and well deserved THANK YOU is in order. I am just glad that we are all having fun!!!!! Jan


YOU JiggyBelle, it's all YOUR doings!

(I was away from computers during Thanksgiving week,
and am realizing just how THANKFUL I am for you
and all of your talented fans.)


Well, it sure was cow-ardly to post on Craigslist that the Smythe's are not in favor of dairy subsidies. They utter know better than that. And now the cows are protesting and milking it for all they can.


You folks are hilarious!!!


One minute the cows were in there field eating and the cows did not know this ,but the next minute they were in the TWILITE ZONE


Moo, honk honk, moo moo

Have you found the keys, dear?


The herd found the agriculture school's grounds to be a place of udder delight.


Hopefully with a little cow-operation, the neighbors can work out the definition of stated "Pet Rules", before Mrs. Biggfords prize Petunias are COMPLETELY DEVOURED!


Doolally Dairies had been a little optimistic spacewise when they opted to home graze their herd of lovely ladies. A particular downside was the game of hop-scotch they had to undertake in order to get clean-footed to their vehicles.




The new milkman promised only the freshest of deliveries on his route...


You can stop saying, "Till the cows come home", dear. They have arrived!


i knew we would not blend in.