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Having a Ball

540 pieces
454 solves
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This is exactly what I've been doing for the past months on Jidigi.... I just hope everyone else has too. I look forward to many more in the coming year, and thank you to everyone for helping it happen.


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Adenize, obrigada por seu comentario, fico feliz que tenha gostada do quebra cabeca. :~)


Obrigada por esse puzzle lindo e delicioso de montar!!!


Thank you ramundo - it's always so lovely when people take those few extra moments to stop and say they had fun... I much appreciate it, I'm so happy to hear you had fun :~)


It took me 2 hours but it was a fun 2 hours.


Wendy - thank you so much.... I was so excited to see you are back, and went straight to check my email, I forgot to come back here and say thank you!!! Oops silly me :~)


Mandy, this is just flat out SPECTACULAR!


Thank you ladyslipper, I'm delighted you enjoyed the challenge of this one... and thank you so much for stopping to let me know :~)


I loved this puzzle, a bit of a challenge,then again those are the fun ones,thanks


Welcome painthorselover5 - its great to see you've visited and well done on solving this puzzle. Thanks for stopping to leave a comment.
Your paint horse avatar (yours?) is gorgeous by the way :~)


HeyJudeNM no one has done it under two minutes :-) It has taken them over an hour to do it. I didn't quite make the leader board but did get it done in 1:33.02 hours. Whew a long one!


I know Pat, that so often happens on Jigidi - isn't that why we have a proverb about early birds?? :~)
However catching it is one thing... holding on to it is quite another!! Sic transit gloria Jigidi mundi!!!


Thank Gail - well done for taking the challenge... and although your "forever" may have seemed a long time, as I only posted this puzzle less than 24 hours ago - and you posted your comment 10 hours ago.... you can't have taken more than 12 hours - at the maximum... !!! I'm so glad to hear you had fun doing it... thanks for letting me know :~)


Denise - of course you can call me Mandy!! Thanks for asking :~) I'm always happy to post large size puzzles, and I'm trying to ensure I make my puzzles in the right size to begin with, so that they will "grow" - and please feel free to ask if you see one you would particularly like in a larger size, it's never a problem for me, specially for such a complimentary commenter!!!


It's funny to look back at my original comment--now neither I nor the person ahead of me is still on the board! LOL! Sic transit gloria mundi....... :-)))


I have never done a puzzle this large on Jigidi and it took me forever. But it was fun!


PS Your puzzles are so beautiful - such vibrant colours and interesting patterns. I really only do large 300+ puzzles and it's such a treat when you post one that is large. Can I be cheeky and ask for an occasional large one in 2013. I know sometimes it is difficult to get them to max size but it would be so good. Thanks


Absolutely loved this - as I do all your puzzles. May I call you Mandy - and of course I'm Denise. Happy 2013 to you and your family. Here's to lots more good times on jigidi.


Thanks chilisand - I'm delighted to hear it was just right for you, the other one you wanted bigger will only go to 238 (if I remember correctly) but I hope to post that for you sometime later this week... once you've had time to recover from the celebrations of tonight and tomorrow ;~)


What a challenge. Thank you, just what I needed for the Pre-Holiday.


Thanks Judy - yours is a lovely ball. Note the current solve time on the top of the leaderboard is 1 hour, 12 minutes and 02 seconds - so not as impossible as you thought!!!


Great puzzle, but the size is beyond my skills. How in the world can anyone solve a 540-piece puzzle in under 2 minutes???????? Way to go!!! I think the leaderboard occupants are androids.

Loved the puzzle design and do expect you to have a ball all year long. If not, you can borrow mine. :-))


Awww Pat... so close, and yet so far!!! I'm so pleased you loved this puzzle, I was a bit concerned at making it so big... but then I thought, it's a bank holiday tomorrow!! Thank you too Pat for all the fun puzzles and comments... I look forward to many/much more of the same in the new year :~)))


17 seconds. 17 SECONDS!!! LOL! *

As soon as I saw this, Mandy, I had to do it ASAP! Loved it! Have a wonderful New Year--and thanks for all the fun and comments and puzzles and friendship in the current one! :-)))

*(For anyone who sees this later, at the moment I am 17 seconds behind first place...).