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A colourful fountain, translucent feathers, crescent moons ????...Whatever it may be enjoy yourself :)) II

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Hi Jan, I love reading your descriptions, and perhaps these are really some feathers lost by the phoenix at least the orange and yellow ones. :)) Thanks for dropping by, I don't know when I'll find the time to solve some puzzles, here everything is a bit chaotic at the moment. Except me, everybody is ill with something different and I'm trying deperately to stay sane in body as well as mind. LOL Yesterday night I didn't even find the energy to answer the comments. I hope everything is fine with you and I'll be over to your place as soon as things calm down a bit. :))


Hi Hanne, I saw this morning which you decided on. :)) I'm always happy if you find something to your liking here and thanks for coming round.


You probably are right Oldiepumkin, I should have looked up what this weeks theme was, so I would have known as well. LOL
Thanks for dropping by. :))


I, too, saw feathers.....some exotic mythological bird, possibly a phoenix....or even Quetzalcoatl, a godlike bird. Anyway, it is a glorious puzzle. So very full of color and a wonderful design. Thank you so very much!!


It's a wonderful picture, Dagmar, but I haven't quite decided if I'll make the 336 or the real big one!! I'll find out and bookmark both of them!! Thanks so very much!!


feathers definitely, according to the theme: birds