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A Look Back At The Bugosis #5.....

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Well, at least the Indians make up for it!......


Hugs to Hanne, who sees good in everyone, even horse thieves! How lovely to think of them that way.


GGlady, horse-thieves don't treat the horses badly, do they? Why do they steal them, if they don't want to use them as good horses?? Perhaps they saved them in their way!!


Mr.Le Squirt......POPPYCOCK!....
was-shining....that is probably what happened!....
Hanne-with-pipe, was-munching-old-furniture, jenny-having-a-pee.....your heritage probably contains some interesting tales - it's just a matter of unearthing the truth, which is sometimes hard to get at...........


raincoat infusion:-
The machine being used by Theophrastus is a facial hair remover.....It all has to do with the beardless Bulgarian Bugosis, who belonged to a short-lived, female only, sect which flourished in Sofia at the time of the Great War. Founded by Babushka Bugosi, they believed that facial hair was the
cause of humanity's ills, and wished to usher in the new 'beardless' age of plenty. Removal of the facial hair was a painful affair, involving the use of sulphuric acid mixed with goat's milk heated under a waxing moon. At the
height of it's popularity the sect numbered twelve members, including children. They were eventually banished to Outer Mongolia where, even today, some beardless ladies remain, who are without a doubt descendants of the beardless Bulgarian Bugosis..... This rare picture depicts the result of a clandestine liaisonbetween a beardless Bugosi and her beau.Theophrastus Bugosi invented the painless facial hair remover shown here (the patient would be his sister, Evangeline Bugosi). A secret formula (I think it was vinegar) was pumped into the capsule enclosing the head,
and then hermetically sealed. After just two days in this position the patient would be 're-born' sans facial hair! It was a great hit in Outer Mongolia.....

My heritage is Scottish, English, and Irish and I live in Australia. :-)


well at least they were interesting. I think mine all just plodded along getting through with things


Well, your heritage is classier than mine...Indians (of which I'm proud) and horse-thieves...which is another touch of irony, since I now rescue said animals...........


I'm speechless simply!! I only had a cousin who invented a perpetuum mobile and was chased by the Russians. None with more than two eyes, no siamese twins, nobody diving for Atlantis - or how sad!!


it would seem that opposite Battersea, under the Thames, is a place called World's End Estate - is this where Wendell thought he would find the Land of Plenty, an easy mistake to make I suppose.


The most interesting mystery about the Siamese twins Ricky & Dicky, was how they were, er, um, that is to say, well..............well, as I put it at the time:

"What I'm really wondering about, though, is Ricky & Dicky's mom. I mean, how frequent a flier was she? What other explanation for Ricky & Dicky is there but that she showed a good time to a Bugosi AND A BARLOFF on the same occasion and nine months later out came the future famous banjo duo?"


What an amazing family!!

I must say Rubber Bugosi made me smie...grin..and actually chuckle ...many a time I would have loved to tell someone to take that postion is close enough anyway.

Sebastian must have been a very rugged chap...

Theophrastus Bugosi (what a great name) - I take it he was a entrepreneur/ scientist...what is the device he is working with?

and finally,,,I adore Tilly's ensemble...It is so girly ...the hat is magnificent


And this was added:-
"It is a sad tale (or tail) but worth the telling. It was wondered at the time whether Wendell had decided to 'take the plunge' in his search of the unsearchable, or if the cat 'Biggles' had taken to the water in search of crabs, with Wendell going to it's rescue. If that was the case, it must be admitted that he was far too old to be chasing pussy.........."


For those who never saw it, Wendell's story is very touching.....
"Wendell Bugosi is pictured with one of his cats, 'Tiddles'.... the other one is hiding in there somewhere. Wendell fimly believed in the fabled lost paradise of Atlantis, and furthermore, that it was to be found in his back garden. Wendell lived in Battersea, adjoining the Thames, and in his garden was a small pond. He was of the opinion that if he dived deep enough into the pond, he could swim through a subterranean tunnel, under the Thames, by which means he would eventually reach 'the land of plenty'. He spent 26 years preparing for his journey, most of which time was taken up by his deliberating whether to take his precious cats along. Finally, on April 1st.1888, he took the plunge, and was neither seen nor heard of since. Tiddles was found by the pond, catching frogs. The other cat was never found, and it can only be assumed that by hiding in Wendell's beard it had also undertaken the journey, as a stowaway. In the 30's the house was sold and a new building took it's place.....Battersea Power Station."
It is a good example of the adventurous and reckless Bugosi spirit......


Big-twinkly-thing7......They are still here (page 21 of 'created' on profile), as is their toy, which is of interest!.....As for Rickydicky jr. I believe he preferred the xylophone......
messenger & granny.......Yes, it is Byronic........
precious-pebble......It is my mission to save the Bugosi heritage for the benefit of mankind.......
was-chomping-furniture.......I believe that to be a cousin of Oddio......


Irony, thy name is Bugosi.............


Does anyone else find it ironic that an entity known as "Two Dicks", well,.....had......had only, well,..........


All Right!!! Everytime you published pages from your family album, I anxiously scoured them for the Two Dicks! I had begun to wonder if they had been disowned due to the questionable circumstances of their death. I wonder if Rickydicky Jr. inherited their talent for banjo picking. Timothy and I love to clog to their music!


Guffaws all 'round for The Two Dicks!

How lucky you are, lela, to have your family history all written down. Most of us have left the closet door closed and now we can only "imagine" what happened in the past.


Could this be one of your long, lost, space-faring cousins..


Ah yes....I can see that extra sparkle....


Awaiting-the-hurricane........Hee-Hee!....Here is the description........
"My uncles, Ricky and Dicky, the famous (and only) siamese twin banjo players. They started off being known as 'The Two Dicks' but later changed to 'A Couple Of Dicks' when they broke into showbusiness. They were very close, and one would never be seen without the other. They married a miss Daisy Meadows, in what was the first marriage on record between three people. She bore a son, Rickydicky jr, but who the father was has never been ascertained. In an amazing coincidence they
both died by falling off a cliff - the verdict was suicide, but I personally believe that one pushed the other." would be the second eye from the left......


I bet Ricky and Dicky played a mean rendition of dueling banjos instrumental from Deliverance Lela!


Which eye was for the ladies....they all look the same!....


Thank you, pupil-of-a-little-while-ago.......I am merely the mouth-piece of our family's chequered history!.......


Your ingenuity and creativity boggle the brain! It's not easy to gather a family album like yours...kudos!


Uncle Bertram was a true visionary who worked at the British Museum, where he was employed as night-watchman........He also had an eye for the ladies......


I bet when Uncle Bertram was called "four-eyes", he didn't even blink....


Here is the last look back at past Bugosis.....(from left)......
Percy Rinpoche Bugosi
Pixie Picasso-Bugosi
Ricky & Dicky Bugosi
Roland Bugosi
Roland 'The rubber' Bugosi
Ruth 'Babe' Bugosi
Sebastian Bugosi in Siberia
The First Bugosinauts
Theophrastus Bugosi
Tilly Bugosi-Wainthorpe
Tree-dwelling Bugosis
Twinky Bugosi's second childhood
Uncle Bertram Bugosi
Wally Bugosi
Wendell Bugosi
William or Wilma with Heinrich